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Nikon ViewNX-i and sidecar files

I wanted to use Nikon View NX-i to set the GPS coordinates in my raw files but it seems the data are always going to a sidecar file. I got a folder NKSC_PARAM aside of my raws with .nksc files inside ...
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Can two AV files share one sidecar file? [closed]

Is it possible for two AV files to share one sidecar file? Scenario: An Apple Live Photo is made up of an image file (JPG) and a video file (MOV), and they share the same base name, e.g., IMG_1000....
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Sharing rating between Digikam and Rawtherapee

I've been using Rawtherapee for post processing for a short while, and, even though I've been able to adapt well my workflow to it, I've found that having to look through most of the photos I took ...
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Darktable XMP sidecar filters repository

Maybe I'm asking a stupid question for real photographers, but I'm searching an online repository with XMP sidecar files for Darktable. Everyone knows the many instagram effects like laté and sepia ...
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Lightroom TIFF XMP sidecar missing?

Before asking my question I'll quickly describe my workflow when shooting stock photos: Import CR2 in LR Basic edits (exposure, sharpness), LR writes changes in sidecar XMP Send JPGs to client who ...
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1 answer

Can edits from multiple photo editing programs be saved in the same DNG?

When using the traditional sidecar approach, multiple programs can edit the same file as the edits are saved as instuctions outside of the RAW file itself. As long as the sidecar file isn't shared, ...
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How to view side-car JPGs on lightroom? How to easily manage RAW+JPEG image reviews?

I've been shooting RAW+JPEG and I'm importing them together into Lightroom (i.e. the JPEG becomes a side-car of the RAW file). trouble is, I can't seem to find a way to review the out-of-camera JPEG (...
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2 answers

How to import metadata from extermal .xmp sidecar file when importing .jpg files into Lightroom?

I have thousands of image files that I want to import into Lightroom. Some of the files are .nef, some are .jpg, .tiff, and other formats. If I have file1.nef and also have file1.xmp in the same ...
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Is there any way to save the develop settings of a virtual copy in Lightroom?

I usually set Lightroom to save the develop settings in a .XMP sidecar file, due to I don't like the whole "catalog" thing. Whenever I want to re-develop a photo, the developing information is right ...
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