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Half press on Nikon D90 triggers shooting

I'm starting to learn photography and, in one of the videos I watched, the guy said that its good to first half press the shooting button (on auto focus settings and P mode) and then full press to get ...
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did not allow me to use f/2 in Av mode

my camera Canon G9x Mark II goes to f/2, however on Av mode outdoors, it did not allow me to do so. why?
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What is the flexible priority (Fv) mode on recent Canon cameras and what's so good about it?

Some recent Canon cameras (at least EOS RP) have a flexible priority (Fv) mode. Apparently, it does auto-exposure but allows setting various settings manually, too. What does this mode exactly do? ...
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Which mode is the best for taking pictures: manual, auto, or portrait? [duplicate]

Which one is the best mode for taking pictures: manual, auto, or portrait? Or if any other mode is better, please state what it is.
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Why won't my EOS M5 take a photo in SCN/HDR mode with a manual lens?

Sometimes I press the shutter button of my Eos M5 and it just. won't. take. a. photo. I know there are some 'obvious' reasons for the camera to refuse taking a picture, like having not enough light ...
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How to determine the exposure mode used in two photos if they have the same ISO value and the same exposure value?

Take a look at the 18th and the 19th image on this panasonic lumix fz2500 real world sample gallery. And while their ISO and EV values are not altered, their Avs and Tvs are inversely changed apiece. ...
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Change preview time in A7R II

When I take a shot, the picture is displayed for a few seconds, which is too long for me. Can I change the display time?
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Can you adjust Aperture in [Tv] mode on a PowerShot G7 X?

I do not own a PowerShot G7 X, but my friend does. We want to know if it is possible to adjust the aperture when in [Tv] mode, so that she can try for milky water on a waterfall. Is this possible?
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Why doesn't my computer show Canon EOS 450D pictures taken with P setting?

I bought a used Canon EOS 450D, and whenever I take pictures with the P setting, I can see the pictures on the camera display, but when I take the SDcard out, I cannot see them. Obviously they are ...
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What is the purpose of "A-DEP" mode on Canon cameras?

What is the purpose of the "A-DEP" shooting mode on Canon cameras, for example the T3i/600D? In what kind of situations is it helpful - for example, under low light conditions, higher ISO or when ...
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Canon 5d Mark III: how to switch off the silent shooting mode in the Live View mode?

The problem appeared after the multi-exposure mode was used on the camera (Mark III). At this moment only the silent shooting modes are applied in the Live View mode (i.e. I don't get the "clack clack ...
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is framerate the same for video as for photo? [duplicate]

If a DSLR can record 1080p video at 60fps, why is it only capable of continunous shooting at, maybe 5fps? If frames per second are frames per second why can't you take 60 photographs per second? Is ...
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Is A mode a good idea when trying to take low-light photos of people?

I 'm wondering if my reasoning about a specific shooting scenario is correct. Suppose you are in a setting where: there is plenty of light from a human perspective but clearly less light than ...
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How to fix Nikon D5200 mode dial giving incorrect modes?

I have a Nikon D5200 DSLR and I am facing problem with the mode dial. Here is what is happening: Changing mode dial to Landscape, Child or Sport gets me to Manual mode. Changing mode dial to Macro ...
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Why does my Canon 5DmkIII shoot more than once in single shooting mode?

I noticed that sometimes my 5DMIII takes two shots as opposed to one (in single shooting mode). I'm not saying this happens all the times; in fact, it happened two or three times (top) in one month (...
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What are the biases in daytime and nighttime landscape mode?

What are the biases in day and nighttime landscape auto modes in terms of aperture, iso and shutter speeds?
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How can I find out which camera mode I used for a digital photo?

I have a Canon 450D, when I want more information on what setting I used to take a photo, I can hit the display button and see that I took that particular picture in Auto Mode or TV Mode etc. Once I ...
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Why do people in the stands during events use flash?

I was watching the Olympics, and one thing I noticed was that flashes are going off in the spectators' stands. Why are people using flash? Is it because they are using automatic mode, or point and ...
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Which mode should I use on my camera?

On the top of most cameras is a selector knob which will allow you to select different modes. These range depending on the camera, my camera (Nikon D5100) has several choices. I have been told ...
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How can I see both aperture and shutter speed in Av mode on my Canon 550D?

I used to be able to see both aperture f-number and shutter speed, and change both values on Av mode on my Canon 550 DSLR. Now, I can only see the aperture f-number and not the shutter speed on the ...
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What automatic modes are appropriate, if any, for outdoor vs. indoor situations? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why would I use manual camera controls instead of the automatic modes? I am asking this question particularly relevant to photography in Sunlight Indoors I hope the answer ...
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How does 'Tv mode' translate to shutter priority mode?

What do the T and v stand for? Public-domain image from Wikipedia.
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Does the camera tell me the shutter speed it will use when in aperture priority and the aperture and ISO are set?

I am wondering if a DSLR can show what the shutter speed it will use prior to shooting. I was doing some shooting in a library this morning and was using aperture priority. My daughter was running ...
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TV or AV bracketing for HDR imaging?

I have recently entered into the HDR world, and I'm a little confused. My new camera has bracketing features, 2 modes actually: one is TV bracketing and the other is AV bracketing. In other words, ...
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What is your preferred shooting mode? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What advantages does manual mode have over aperture priority mode? I tend to use Program mode on my camera, and try to avoid using the "easy" options, particularly Auto. I ...