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Open source licenses for sharing photographs (in the context of a research project)

Context Just a little bit of context here; I'm involved in a small research project where we want to collect images from citizen using a mobile application. These photographs are technical outdoor ...
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Is it practical to transfer thousands of photos via WiFi? What about 4K video?

Suppose I take 5000 photos a day. I'm willing to buy a computer without SD card reader and USB-A (only type C). I need to know an estimation of how much time it'd take to transfer those 5000 photos ...
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Darktable XMP sidecar filters repository

Maybe I'm asking a stupid question for real photographers, but I'm searching an online repository with XMP sidecar files for Darktable. Everyone knows the many instagram effects like laté and sepia ...
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What's the easiest way to get photos from multiple people per day?

I want to begin managing the Smugmug account of my child's summer camp. They have lots of photos every day (taken by 30 or more counselors on different types of devices).. and, they never get around ...
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Does Flickr allow shared albums with pictures from multiple people? What's the best service for this?

My friends and I took a bunch of pictures (and videos) on a three week trip overseas. We're not professionals or anything, but we amassed more than 2000 vacation photos from six sources (smartphones, ...
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Democratic photography social network(or app) [closed]

I will explain the title: I saw recently an article online talking about a photography sharing site (or app, can't remember) which didn't favour the visibility of photos coming from users with large ...
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Online photo management for non-profit organization

I'm looking for photo hosting for a nonprofit I work with, and it looks like most sites are tailored towards individual or professional photographers, not for groups of people. We run a summer ...
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Anyone know of a photo sharing site willing to share ONLY a file link?

It seems that every photo sharing service requires that you share one of their web page links. I am so frustrated. I do not WANT to share a whole page, just a single file at a time in my own chosen ...
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Where to announce or release 'opensource' photos

There are many questions on where to release photos for sale or copyright information. I have taken some photos that are not world class, but I think useful for some people. I have been working on a ...
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What photo sharing sites allow frequent re-uploading from Lightroom in the background?

I often find myself wanting to re-upload images shared online, for example after tweaking their develop settings or adding new keywords. Some sharing services only allow new uploads or limited re-...
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Doesn't the spread of photographs on social media fall under copyright infringement?

Everyday thousands of pictures (memes,celebrity pics, wallpapers) are shared by users like me on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many other websites. We get likes and shares ...
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How to share large number of photos for review by family, with comments saved with the pictures?

I have about 1000 old photos I need to scan and share with friends. Before burning them to disc, though, I'd like to post them so people can comment on the provenance and/or people in the pics. What ...
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How to handle publicly sharing family photos (especially kids) online?

I have been getting back to photography as a hobby after quite a few years off. Last time I dabbled digital photography was not a thing and photos were hosted in an albums on a shelf, not Flickr. ...
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Free photo sharing site with excellent security features

I am organizing the memory book for our local elementary school. For each of our school events, we will have a volunteer take photos. I need a site where the various volunteers will be able to ...
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Crowdsourcing sites for scouting photography locations

I was wondering if there is a website where people can share the best spots to take pictures from (of course, this would mostly apply for outdoor photography). Essentially, a map with dots indicating ...
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Is flickr dying? [closed]

Sorry if the question sounds flippant, it isn't meant to be, and I know that this is asking an opinion rather than a verifiable fact but bear with me... I'm looking for somewhere to start uploading ...
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Are there any photo uploading services that are tailored to a shared family account?

I see on this other question (Group sharing photos without registration) that there are ways to do this without registered accounts, but I want to do the same with registered users (ala a family ...
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Is there a personal photo sharing site that does not use user content for commercial purposes?

I realize the "what photo sharing site should I use" question gets asked often here, but I have a more narrow question: I am looking for a photo sharing site that will not use your content for any of ...
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Software and Website for event photography

A client of mine is going to have the FA cup at an event. They want to take photographs of their customers with the FA cup, record who each photo is of, upload them to a website, and allow the ...
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What are some reasons to not display EXIF data when sharing photos online?

I notice that some photographers choose to deliberately omit the information pertaining to how the photo was taken when sharing online. There's a communal value in learning how other folks staged a ...
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Group sharing photos without registration?

Is there any (preferably free) site/service out there that allows photo uploads to a single album by several people without registration? What I have in mind is I create a group photo album on the ...
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2 answers

What are some Chinese/Asian photo sharing websites similar to Flickr?

What are some Chinese/Asian photo sharing websites similar to Flickr? I want to upload some of my photos to one ow two of these websites with Chinese description and share with Chinese/Asian friends.
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Can Lightroom & Elements on different PCs share the same photos?

I use Lightroom for my management & editing etc & love it, however my wife needs to access the same pictures via a separate laptop, preferably via Elements or ACDSee. I can copy my folders to ...
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Projector friendly pictures?

I am a member of a photography club. Each time we meet to critique, the pictures are projected on to a wall. Most of the folks complain that the picture quality is quite bad when projected. ...
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What system should I use for photo management and sharing over a LAN?

I would like to setup a local website to act as a gallery/management-system for our photos and videos. (I can run 2 servers one for videos and one for photos) I currently have about 1.5 TB of ...
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Recommendation: Photo sharing website for a photographer [closed]

I'm looking to build a photo sharing website for a photographer (starting out) and wanted to know any known choices. I don't mind paying up. I had a look around and I find Smugmug the best yet with ...
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What solution should I use for cataloging photos for private sharing?

I'm seeking a solution for cataloging many thousands of images. Each photo will be tagged and categorized to become searchable by a small group of private people. I've considered any combination with ...
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What's a good place to share panoramas online? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Online viewer for panorama photos? I've got some Photomerged panoramas, about 5-12MB each. Where's a good place to put them online? Preferably I'd like a place where they can ...
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Photo Sharing Sites: Any Experience with or

I am looking for somewhere to show, and possibly sell, my best work. I want something which looks really professional and delivers a really good experience and service to my viewers / clients. I ...
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Figure photography - where to share photos?

Our photography group recently held a figure photography session, with a nude model. We want to share our photos, but don't want to fall foul of strict site rules regarding nudity. Normally I'd use ...
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What is a good pre-built website platform for displaying my photos?

I know many of the people develop their own web sites, and that's fine if you want to invest the time. Unfortunately, I barely get time enough to take photographs, so I would rather get something out ...
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Better than Flickr for albums hierarchy

Is any of the other major photosharing sites better than Flickr for the albums hierarchy? I mean the possibility to define a depth of more than two... If I'm not mistaken in flickr you can only define ...
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Is there a free competition hosting site?

I'd like to host a photo competition with some of my coworkers, but we have no internal site that would allow voting on photos. Does anyone know of a site that would allow uploading and voting on ...
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What are the best sites to share photo galleries with friends?

Which sites do you use for sharing photos with family and friends?