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Why won't my Canon Powershot take a photo when the flash is on?

I have a Canon Powershot SD4500 IS. It takes photos normally when flash is set to off, or when it’s light enough in Auto mode for it not to be necessary, but the camera will not take a photo when the ...
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How do I trigger TCM (TTL convert to Manual) on a Godox XPro II?

I've owned a Godox XPro transmitter before, but now I've upgraded to the newer XPro II. And it doesn't have a TCM button. The specs say it does TCM and there's a TCM C.Fn for setting the type of light ...
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Lightroom: Changing text color in Preferences -> Lightroom Sync

Adobe Lightroom is reporting a sync error, but cannot read the details in Preferences -> Lightroom Sync as it is blue text on gray background. Does anyone know how to change to a better text color?
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How do I switch the power display on an Godox monolight (e.g., SK400 II) from ratios (1/1) to decimal (10.0)?

So, on all the specs I've noticed that with an SK400 II (and most of the other Godox AC-powered manual monolights) that you can set the power not to use ratio settings (1/4, 1/16), but decimal (10.0, ...
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