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Interpreting RA-4 sensitometry charts

I'm having problems with interpreting RA-4 color negative paper sensitometry charts, more precisely it's density readings. Especially what would a spectrometer see with a paper exposed to Dmax. I see ...
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Camera suddenly sees much less than usual

I've been out taking pictures all day without any real problems. After getting home I wanted to take one last quick shot, in that moment I realized my camera was struggling to turn on, after a while ...
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Is there a technical reason for low ISO settings to disappear?

Compact superzoom cameras, for obvious optical reasons, have stuck remarkably constantly at the 1/2.3" sensor size. CCD has been superceded by BSI CMOS but light gathering did not change all that ...
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What is meant by photographic sensitivity?

Studying how latent images are developed, I came across the concept of "Photographic Sensitivity". I imagine it to be related to the behaviour of light-sensitive material, but I couldn't enough ...
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Why are there no digital large format photographic imaging sensors using the TFT technology from medical x ray imaging?

Recently I witnessed an x ray imaging of an entire thorax, and I was pretty sure it was a film cassette with analogue film that was used, but was taught that it was a digital sensor. This sensor had ...
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Can I mimic animal "tapetum lucidum" in a film camera?

Some animals have a reflective layer behind their transparent retina, greatly increasing their ability to see in the dark, called tapetum lucidum. In my 35mm film SLR camera, could I add a thin ...
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How is spectral sensitivity of a camera calculated?

I understand that to recreate the spectral response of a camera's sensor, you need to use a monochromator/spectrometer to get calibrated images. But I'm not sure where you go from there. When looking ...
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Do full frame sensors have a higher exposure? [duplicate]

I was reading a piece on the comparison of APS-C to full frame sensors. In this article, it mentioned that full frame sensors can have larger individual "photo sites", and can therefore capture more ...
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