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How to make an image black and white but leave certain parts in colour in photoshop? [duplicate]

I have taken some pictures over the weekend and think they will look good if the image was in black and white but the main subject was left in colour. I have Photoshop. Can anyone tell me how to do ...
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What's the effect called when only certain subjects are in colour while the rest is black & white? [duplicate]

what is the technical term for such pictures? Those with the special characteristics black&white, with a single color?
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2 answers

How did digital camera take a partially black and white photo?

I took a photo of San Francisco Bay using a Kodak Easyshare digital camera in 2007. The photo came out with the grass in the foreground being green and the entire remainder of the photo (the bay, ...
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Selective colour adjustment from brush in Lightroom possible?

Is it possible to adjust selective colour from an area highlighted by the brush adjustment tool in Lightroom? Additionally I can't see any options for luminance adjustment of brush adjustments either....
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2 answers

How to eliminate the the light edge after turning part of the picture into black&white? (Selective-color)

I tried to use the selective-color technique in the following photo. I added a black&white filter layer with the girl masked. However the right margin of the girl's hand turned out to be white, ...
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5 votes
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How to do a selective color adjustment in RawTherapee?

GIMP has a nice color dialog that lets me change saturation for certain colors easily. How can I do something similar in Rawtherapee? For quality and consistency reasons I want to stay in one and ...
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3 answers

Can I capture only a particular colour with a Canon 650D? [duplicate]

I have a Canon DSLR 650D, and I want to know if there are any settings or features in the camera that will only catch/accept the predefined color. For example, I just want to capture only red color ...
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Can Canon Rebel T4I take black and white photos with color accents?

Can A Canon Rebel T4I shoot B&W pictures with color accents, as you see in some pictures where only one thing has color?
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8 votes
2 answers

What is the effect where some objects are a single bright color but the rest is black and white?

There is an option to filter only one color (R,G,B,Y) in my camera. What I want to know is can this effect be achieved in photoshop? And what is this called? I tried googling monochrome and came up ...
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Can I do a Selective Color effect in Photoshop Elements?

In TipSquirrel there is a tutorial on "Unifying an image with Selective Color" By Michael Hoffman. Can this be done with Photoshop Elements. I am not very knowledgable on Photoshop Elements as I ...
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3 answers

How to do selective-color in Photoshop?

How to make the single color in a photography to be color and other parts changed to B&W?. Don't know exactly the name of the effect, to be more clear in the following photo I want the green part ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How can I create a grayscale with color highlighting effect in Lightroom?

Highlighting certain area with color, leaving the rest grayscaled — what is the name of this effect in photography? What is the most precise way to achieve this effect in Lightroom?
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How can I take selective color pictures with my Canon T1i?

I want to select a certain color using my camera so only that will be recorded as color, with all the rest in gray- or b/w-scale. Meaning, only one color and its shades appear colored, and rest is b/w....
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