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is an activity performed by a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image. Common examples found in offices are variations of the desktop (or flatbed) scanner where the document is placed on a glass window.

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What are the major differences when digitizing slides/negatives with a DSLR vs. a scanner?

A flickr discussion, pointed in an answer to another question, got me excited in scanning old slides & negatives with a tripod, lightbox, macro lens and a DSLR (or with a similar set). I have ...
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What's the best way to scan in hundreds of pictures?

I have thousands of old pictures which were sitting in a photo album. Unfortunately, instead of the photo album protecting the pictures, the plastic coverings yellowed, and the pictures themselves had ...
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What to consider when scanning 35mm film (and scanning in general)

I'm looking to digitise my old photos - I've probably got about 2000 frames to scan, so not sure if I really want a dedicated film scanner as I'd like to be able to continue using the scanner to ...
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Why do my scanned images have lines across them?

As you can see in the example, my scanned images have horizontal and vertical lines across them. They are very noticeable in dark areas of the image. The original print is a 4x6 matte finish print. ...
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Where is a really good place to get film developed by mail?

I'm looking for a place to get my 35mm film (color slide and B&W) developed and scanned by mail with a focus on quality. I have a good local shop about 10mi away from me that does great ...
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Is there a software to automatically crop a scan of multiple images?

I want to digitize my old family albums using a scanner and there are lots of photos in them. Thus far, my method has been to scan 4 images at a time and then manually cropping them in a simple editor ...
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Is it better to scan negatives or prints?

I've been wondering this for awhile now. Is it better to scan a 35mm negative, or a larger print from the negative? Which will provide a better scan? Does this change when moving to a larger film, ...
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What is the "Newton Effect"?

I was just chatting with a photographer friend of mine, and he mentioned wanting "anti-newton glass"... I didn't know what that was, so I did a google search. I quickly figured out that it was ...
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What is the best way to digitize old photographs for preservation?

What is the best way to digitize old photographs? I scanned some of them and there was a reduction in quality due to the scanning process. I also have some photos where scanning is impossible - the ...
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Inexpensive method of digitizing large numbers of 35mm slides?

I have a huge collection (over 1000) of 35mm slides that I'm considering digitizing. So far the cheapest I've seen is ScanCafe, at $0.22/slide for large orders, that would be $220 for 1000 slides. I ...
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Any experience of Scanning Services?

I would like to get all my old slides and negatives converted to digital. There is no way that a clutz like me is going to make a good job of doing this myself. I have about 3000 images to convert. ...
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2 answers

Do developed negatives lose quality over time?

I am considering scanning my B&W and color negative films. I will most likely rent a scanner for this. Many of the negatives may be some 30-40 years old. Two questions: I wonder whether the ...
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What caused this pattern of lines (moire?) in this picture I scanned from a book?

I have scanned this photo from a book that's printed with color ink, but the picture is a black and white one. When I scanned it with Vuescan as a color photograph I get vertical lines like I think ...
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Maximum useful resolution for scanning 35mm film

I have no particular project in mind so I'm just asking in order to have a better understanding: Let's say I'm an artist shooting pictures with a 35mm camera and my point would be to make really big ...
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How to proceed after having developed the negatives?

There are a lot of excellent questions (and answers!) about the process of developing (BW) film at home. I would like to try my hand at it, too. But it's not exactly clear how to proceed after ...
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Which DSLR macro setup to buy for scanning negatives?

First some background: I am a photographer who likes to use film negatives, and who mainly shoots 6x6 medium format (Hasselblad 500CM) and some occasional 35mm (Pentax KX). I own an Epson v550 ...
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Why are flatbed-scanned images warped when compared to itself scanned & rotated 90 degrees?

This has been absolutely baffling me. I scanned an image both vertically and horizontally on the flatbed of my HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw using Windows Fax and Scan. I then used Gimp to rotate ...
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Automatic & intelligent crop 1,000 images

I have about 1,000 scanned / photographed images, each with different formats but all with rectangular/square shape, that need to be cropped to remove the background and the white space around the ...
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Green Fog in Color Negative Scan

Can anyone explain what is wrong with this negative scan? There seems to be some green haze in my scans. At first I thought the green tint was just from the lab not color correcting the scans ...
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Why is this photograph shot with Delta 400 and developed with D76 1+1 so grainy

I have the following image: I used Ilford Delta 400, shot with FM2 at box speed. Metered inside the camera. It was developed with D76 1+1, Adofix, Adostop, Ilfotol wetting agent. I follow Mass.Dev....
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How much post processing advantage is gained when scanning 35mm negatives as TIFF rather than JPG?

I am sending some C41 colour film to be developed. I'm not going to be requesting any prints, just scans of the negative to CD. I can choose between high resolution, high quality JPG or TIFF. The ...
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Is it feasible to use an iPhone as a slide scanner?

Is it practical to scan a bunch of 35mm slides with an iPhone?
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How can I make my own film scanner using a DSLR camera?

How can I make my own film scanner (35mm) using a 16MP DSLR camera? For using the camera, I understand that I basically need a soft and even light source and a macro lens to focus on the films from ...
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Batch processing/retouching scanned film with severe artifacts

An aunt asked me to scan some film for her (my best guess is they're 40+ years old), but my usual workflow has been challenged. Some background: I use Linux. And I have an Epson Perfection V350 ...
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Why aren't the 35mm film scans I got back from a lab at a 3:2 aspect ratio?

I let my film get developed and scanned at a Fuji Lab in Japan and always receive a DVD with images of 4336x3036 pixel resolution, which is an aspect ratio of about 1.428194:1. I always thought 35mm ...
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On the Epson Perfection v500, how does one scan half-frame negatives efficiently?

I have 2 rolls of half-frame film to scan this evening, which amounts to over 144 photos. Most of the manual labor is selecting each photo with the Marquee Tool by hand in the Epson Scan application. ...
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How to restore as much detail as possible to a scanned image of an inkjet-printed page?

I have a photograph printed with an inkjet printer on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the original file. Here's a small sample of what I'm stuck with: Is there any way to ...
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What to label digital prints made from scanned negatives in an exhibit?

I have my first exhibit coming up but I am not sure about how to properly label my photographs. All the pictures were taken with 35 mm film, then the negatives were scanned and the images were ...
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