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Is a low-resolution scan of B&W negatives expected from a drugstore?

Shoot a roll of ilford color process B&W. Take to Walgreens. Receive CD (and negatives). Import to Aperture, crop a bit, and ask for an 8x10. Get a warning that there's not enough pixels to make a ...
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Where to get film developed and high quality scans? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where is a really good place to get film developed by mail? I've recently picked up an old Canon SLR and wanted to experiment with it. Unfortunately, I've found it near ...
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How can I export TIFF images to JPEG with no adjustments, using Lightroom?

I use Lightroom (version 3 now, probably 4 soon) to work with my raw images. When exporting to JPEG, Lightroom applies a number of adjustments, even if I leave all the settings at the default. This ...
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Are photolab negatives to digital (e.g. CD) always better than a low cost USB self scanner?

Background I have a low cost USB negatives scanner that is operated manually by passing the negatives in a tray through it and scanning one by one. The quality looks good enough - for old everyday ...
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Where is a really good place to get film developed by mail?

I'm looking for a place to get my 35mm film (color slide and B&W) developed and scanned by mail with a focus on quality. I have a good local shop about 10mi away from me that does great ...
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Any experience of Scanning Services?

I would like to get all my old slides and negatives converted to digital. There is no way that a clutz like me is going to make a good job of doing this myself. I have about 3000 images to convert. ...
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