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What is the best negative scanner (35mm) for $400 or less? [closed]

Now that we are moving to the digital world... What is the best negative scanner for the price range of up to $400
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How to Fix (when needed) Scanner "Large Area Spatial Crosstalk"

What is it? "Large Areas Spatial Crosstalk" is the terminology used by the IEC standard for scanners, 61966-8. It refers to the effect of nearby colors shifting the scanned colors towards the ...
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How does dust removal features of scanners work?

Motivated by a comment to this question I would like to know how dust removal works in scanners. Is the infrared part of the spectrum involved? Are the bw and the colour case different? Is there a ...
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Does specialty film scanner software provide any real benefits over bundled applications?

I've recently just bought an Epson Perfection V330 to scan my B&W negatives (being charged $15 a roll by the lab is way too much) so that I can do some light post-processing in Lightroom or ...
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Best auto-feed photo and/or negative scanner?

My father recently passed away and left us with grocery bags, buckets, and 55-gallon drums full of photographs and negatives. I'm guessing there are easily over 100,000 photos and 100,000 negatives. ...
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Scanners with large depth-of-field?

How can I find a modern flatbed scanner with a reasonably large depth of field? Here "reasonably large" would be something like at least 2mm of DoF above the scanner glass. Typically DoF is not ...
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What's a good batch-mode EXIF data editor?

I'm currently scanning a lot of old slides. The scanner I use has this annoying habit of adding "My beautiul picture" in a description field in the EXIF format. I'd like to use an EXIF editor to get ...
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Scanner to replace Epson Perfection 2400 Photo?

I'm looking to replace my older scanner, an Epson 2400 Photo. I mostly scan in old photos and 5x7 art prints. The scan resolution on this model (2400x4800) was good when purchased, but is now bested ...
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What automatic-feed photo scanner should I use for 6″×4″ / 5″×4″ / A6 / postcard size photos?

Can you recommend an automatic document feeder (ADF) photo scanner for usual 6" x 4" / 5" x 4" / A6 / postcard size photos? I want to stack up say 25 or 30 at a time and leave it running to scan ...
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Best option for scanning a large volume of slides

I'm looking to scan several thousand old 35mm slides for historical archiving. I've got an old Canon CanoScan flatbed scanner that has the ability to scan slides specifically but its a tad slow and i'...
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Is a DSLR required for making a DIY 3D scanner?

I've been looking into this- making my own 3d scanner for my 3d printer- and all the DIY instructions require a DSLR... but they don't explain why- exactly. Maybe it has something to do with "seeing" ...
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Archival Scanning: Calibrating Scanner

I purchased a Kodak Q-60 Color calibration sheet because I would like to do some archival scanning. I'm wondering if this has any bearings but so far I've read up on creating a color profile to ...
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