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Mystery Scale on Hanimex Zoom Lens

I’m a bit of a newbie, and I’ve just bought a zoom lens for my OM10. It's a Hanimex One-Touch Zoom Lens 80-200mm F4.5 Macro It’s arrived and I’m trying to understand the scales on the lens. I can ...
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Is there way to print 1:1 image on Canon Selphy CP820?

I have Canon Selphy CP820 (model not matter actually) and want to print image without any scaling and cropping. Original paper is proprietary 148x100mm. It prints at 300dpi. But when I trying to print ...
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How to use quartered circles to correct camera alignment?

I have seen several scales/scalebars for use in fieldwork/scientific photography that include quartered circles (similar to targets). If I understand correctly, those would be useful to correct images ...
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How to create a photo/art project of one type of object in many sizes?

I have many sizes of one item, let’s say for example sea shells of one type but from the tiniest size to the largest one. I want to create a photo/multimedia project/collection but I don’t know how to ...
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Does focal length affect coordinate estimation?

I am using a webcam mounted on the ceiling to track some markers. I measured the area on the ground that the webcam is able to see, it is roughly 2.61m x 1.46m. The output of the coordinates right in ...
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How do I transform an image to match another in terms of scale/rotation/aspect ratio?

Like in this question, I want transform/rotate an image to match another one (by scale/rotation). Specifically, I want to edit a remake of an old image by cropping/transforming/rotating to match the ...
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Manipulating images at different spatial scales

Is there software which will allow manipulating an image at different spatial scales? For example, change the contrast or brightness of features smaller than 50 px but larger than 10 px. I have ...
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warehouse interior photography to show scale

I am currently trying to shoot the inside of a client's new building for a brochure, however its rather empty as its new. I want therefore to capture the scale of the place, its quite big! This is ...
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How can I make close-by objects appear as if they were much bigger? [duplicate]

We all know the popular Tilt Shift technique that gives objects a "miniature" look, making them appear much smaller than they actually are. I'm wondering whether it's possible to achieve the opposite ...
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How to capture the scale of a scene?

My framing in the following photo completely failed to capture the sheer height of the waterfall. If you don't know I was standing at the top of the waterfall, and the "splinters" at the bottom are ...
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