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Neewer FC-16 and Nikon D5500

I have a Nikon D5500, SB-600 Speedlight and Neewer FC-16 wireless flash trigger and receiver system. My camera and flash are both in manual. The trigger and receiver are both set to "flash". The green ...
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Time needed to full self-discharge of speedlight capacitor

I need to repair the Nikon's SB-600 speedlight. As I need to access to only the bottom part of the speedlight I skipped the danger of electric shock. However when I tried to disconnect one of the ...
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Will my SB-600 work off camera with any camera?

I own a Nikon SB-600 flash and no camera. Now, looking for a new camera, I want to know if I could trigger the flash from another non-Nikon camera body. I never use it on camera and therefore I ...
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Is it normal for a Gary Fong collapsible LightSphere to fold a Nikon SB600?

My Gary Fong collapsible on my Flash Nikon SB600 cause my flash to fold sideways even if it 90 deg rotated. This is happening when I move just a bit. The lock button don't lock the flash tilt. Do ...
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Can one radio trigger be used to trigger two speedlights?

I have a pair of Yongnuo RF-603 radio flash transceivers, two SB-600s & D200. I'm planning to build a large rectangular softbox that'll use both speedlights for extra power. Is there a synch cord ...
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Main differences between the Nikon SB-600 and SB-700?

I am a total newbie when it comes to flash, and I am looking to buy an off-camera flash for my Nikon D80. The main choices for an amateur like me seem to be the SB600 and SB700. What are the main ...
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How do I repair a detached SB600 flash head tilt/rotate lock-release button?

The rubber cover that I press to tilt/rotate the head of my SB-600 flash has come off after years of abuse, and it looks like the original adhesive has dried out. Can anyone recommend some non-...
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Why isn't my Nikon D7000 in Commander Mode working with my SB600 flash?

I have a D200 and a D7000. The D200 triggers the SB600 in Commander Mode without any issues. The D7000 on the other hand will not trigger the SB600 with absolutely identical settings in Commander ...
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