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Which of these are essential for vacation: tripod, flash, extra batteries and memory cards, prime lens? [closed]

I have the Nikon D3200 with the kit lens (18mm - 55mm). I'm going on a road trip soon and I'd like to take pictures of Christmas lights, Christmas trees, architecture, detail shots and photos inside ...
10 votes
5 answers

Should I use Manual or (semi-)automatic mode for timelapse in changing light?

I'm planning a long road trip (east coast to west coast, about 45 hours of driving) and am thinking about shooting a time-lapse video of my drive. As I can expect the light levels to change pretty ...
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11 votes
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What are good exposure and timing choices for time lapse photography?

I am shooting a time lapse and am doing some calculations beforehand to make sure I get everything right. I am shooting a road trip from the west coast to the east coast and am planning to compress ...
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