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Why would using eight cameras filming in parallel be an advantage in "budget" 8mm film production in the 1960's in Japan?

My Movies SE question What devices are this Japanese director(?) and his coworker looking through? If they are small format cameras, then why four right next to each other? includes several references;...
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Uneven tint gradient on photo taken on reprostation

I take photos with my Canon 20D on a Kaiser Reprostand of books for publication, lectures or documentation. I get sometimes uneven/gradient lightning, especially when using a white background. When ...
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Capturing then printing color-accurate images

I want to take photos of a few surfaces (wood floors, bricks, etc.) then print them, matching the colors of the actual object (in whatever the lighting conditions are at the moment) as closely as I am ...
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Methods to reproduce/recreate an IG-filter in Photoshop/Lightroom?

As you can see in the screenshot, I have two images of an almost identical landscape. In the left image (reference photo) a photo filter has been applied from Instagram. In the right image, no filter ...
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How can I best use two torches (aka flashlights) to take photographs of my artwork indoors?

I have two lights in my room but their light is not enough. So, I count them as ambient light. I don't have enough money to buy something expensive like studio stuff, but I have two torches similar ...
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How to Fix (when needed) Scanner "Large Area Spatial Crosstalk"

What is it? "Large Areas Spatial Crosstalk" is the terminology used by the IEC standard for scanners, 61966-8. It refers to the effect of nearby colors shifting the scanned colors towards the ...
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How to exactly reproduce a pre-rendered image for a dot matrix printer?

I have a problem regarding a home monochrome laser printer, but I figure this question can be generalized to any matrix printer. Suppose I know my home printer's resolution, and I would like to have ...
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2 answers

How to match colors between pictures?

For an assignment for a photography course I'm following we have to reproduce an existing photo as faithfully as possible. The picture I have chosen is below on the left (partially clipped because it ...
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How to fix uneven/gradient lighting on a canvas with white background?

I have a photo of a pencil drawing made on paper, taken with a hotshoe flash on the DSLR and two polarising filters (cross polariser technique for canvas photography). The problem now is that when ...
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13 votes
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How can I get perfect sharpness when shooting still art?

I've been trying to shoot some marble sculpture that are well lit on a studio wall. The photos are coming out well and perfectly useable.. but I'm striving for something better. My issue is with ...
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14 votes
5 answers

How do I ensure good color reproduction when photographing paintings with a mid-level DSLR?

I'm a casual photographer with an APS-C camera (Pentax K-5) and a set of proper lenses. Someone asked me if I could photograph his oil paintings for a catalog. It's a low priority job to him, he just ...
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5 answers

How can I best photograph a logo on a floor tile for reconstruction of the original image?

The original drawing of the local school logo is lost forever and I need to get one for a website. All that now exists is one on a floor tile (low-res version attached) taken with a Panasonic DMC-FX07....
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3 answers

What is the best way to photograph oil paintings with a film camera?

I want to photograph my oil paintings to keep as a record and if possible, to print from. I want to know if its best to use a slide film. I want to use my Pentax ME Super 35mm SLR Film Camera. I am ...
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What equipment would I need for reproducing artwork for a gallery catalog?

I have been posed the following question in one of my assignments. I would like to get some feedback on my answer, and possible some suggestions :). "A large art gallery has hired you to photograph ...
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3 answers

How to build a digital reprography system on a budget?

I am a cartoon artists and illustrator and my A3 flatbed scanner just broke. A good A3 (11"x17") scanner costs somewhere between $1500-2000 usd/eur, so I am asking myself, if I could not put ...
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What are the best practices for taking pictures of a canvas?

Please share your experience about: Lighting Objectives Setup Colorimetry Photo-Editing ...
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