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Is conventional wisdom about the mechanism of red-eye reduction flawed? [duplicate]

As an example for a typical explanation about red-eye reduction pre-flashes, the description in the Metz SCA3202-M7 flash adapter manual states Red eyes are always the result of a physical effect....
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Does red-eye reduction work with removable hot-shoe flashes?

I have a Canon EOS 2000D DSLR. I recently tested its flash. Gives ugly shadows, but that is easily remedied by turning a low-cost white A4 paper into a flash diffuser. However, the power of the flash ...
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How can I cause red eye in photos I take with my iPhone 6s?

How do I cause red-eye in my photos? I had no trouble causing red-eye in my old iPhone 4; but having issues with the 6s, even with [right & left] circular polarising filters over the flash and ...
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How does red-eye reduction work on digital cameras?

How does the auto red-eye correction work in digital cameras?
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What caused "silver eye" instead of red eye, and what can I do about it?

I ended up taking a few flash pictures with my Nexus 5 phone with the flash. Instead of red eyes, I have robotic silver eyes. Aperture does not correct these when asked. Is there something I did to ...
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How to disable the red eye protection flash with sony powershot DSCWX80 or WX60?

I want to DISABLE the extra flash that occurs when taking pictures of a group of people. Reason is, that people start looking away after they see the first flash, that occurs to remove the red eyes ...
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Using "Auto & Red eye reduction" flash setting when no eyes are present in the photo?

I have a Samsung S1050 compact camera. On the Auto shooting option, these are three options for the flash: Auto & Red eye reduction Auto flash Flash off The camera defaults to "Auto & Red ...
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Does the position of the flash in compact cameras make a real difference in reducing red eye?

I am interested whether the position of the flash at the three examples of point and shoot cameras below would avoid or at least decrease the red eye effect. Or do you feel that all flashes are still ...
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How do I find a right flash not to get red eyes? [duplicate]

How do I find a right flash not to get red eyes? I did try all options.
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Can red eye in only one eye be a sign of cancer?

I noticed on a photo I did of a client that only one of their eyes turned red on a photo. I remembered reading that this could be a sign of eye cancer (see
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How would one remove yellow eyes instead of red eyes?

On a recent trip to Madagascar, we were able to capture some interesting animals during the night, where of course we used flash. The following photo is not made by me...
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What's the reason for red eye in photo?

What's the reason for red eye in photos? It only comes sometimes. Does it depend on the distance between subject and camera? Or light adjustment? I took 4 photos, some of them have red eye and some ...
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How to Avoid Red-Eye in Photos?

Although tools exist to remove red-eye in post-production, what's the best way to avoid it while creating the photograph in the field?
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