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Agfa Vista 400 reciprocity failure

I would like to take long exposures with the Agfa vista 400, but I do not know how to calculate for the additional exposure time needed to compensate for reciprocity failure. I have also looked up the ...
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Is there an effect of temperature on film exposure?

It is obvious that temperature plays a most critical role in developing films. It is not clear to me, though, what effects temperature might cause at the time of exposure. I didn't stumble upon any ...
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Does reciprocity failure (Schwarzschild effect) exist in digital photography?

In analog photography (film) there was an effect called "Schwartschild effect", or Reciprocity failure when making long exposures (usually more than few seconds). Some film brands created ...
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How does aperture size or shutter speed affect color temperature?

With all other parameters assumed constant, does aperture size or duration of exposure have any effect on the resulting color warmth or vividness? (Even slightly.) While answering please also ...
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What is "reciprocity failure"?

What is "reciprocity failure" when used in the context of film?
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