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Can I use a combination of extension tubes + 50mm prime + raynox dcr 250, for a high magnification macro setup?

I understand that raynox dcr 250 works mostly on telephoto end of lenses like 100mm. But can I add a set of extension tubes to the 50mm and attach the dcr250 on the front for a better magnification? ...
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What mount system is this Raynox lens?

This lens says "Raynox Tele Auto MC 3.5 200mm" - any idea what mount it could be?
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Are Raynox magnifiers compatible with Canon macro lenses?

Are Raynox magnifiers (125, 250, 5320) compatible with Canon 100mm f/2.8L? In particular, are they going to be compatible with the Canon Macro Twin Flash?
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Where can I find or make a script for focus stacking using Raynox DCR 250?

I am looking for a script for focus stacking with Raynox DCR 250. There is already default script there but it is linear and that is better suited to stock lenses and, with the Raynox 250 attached, I ...
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How do non-MFT lenses work on a Panasonic GF3?

I'm thinking of buying a GF3. But the lenses are pricy, so I have to pick my kit wisely. I saw that there are adapters for it, but I'm new to lenses. Are there any problems with attaching non-MFT ...
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Will the Raynox DCR 250 Macro + GF3 kit lens provide good results?

I have a Panasonic Lumix GF3 with the stock 14-42 lens. I've been away from photography for some time now. I bought a Raynox DRC 250 macro and was wondering if I would achieve pretty good results with ...
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What is a "2.2X Pro Telephoto" lens?

I am looking to enter the world of SLR cameras and learning some more about lenses. I came across a package that has a 2.2X pro Telephoto what exactly does that ...
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