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Questions tagged [rawtherapee]

Open source, cross platform, raw image processing software

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Rawtherapee: maximum of 100 EXIF lines?

Recently I noticed that rawtherapee does not save all the EXIF tags present in an image. My Pentax camera saves the lens model under an "Lens ID" tag. All images which have been processed by ...
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Noise reduction showing no change at any zoom

I'm using RawTherapee and none of the noise reduction sliders make even the slightest difference, no matter how far I slide them. I've tried it at all different zoom levels, including 100% (the one I'...
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Nikon D750 NEF files display incorrectly

I got some raw files from a friend who uses the same camera model as me (Nikon D750). I notice that whereas I can postprocess my NEF pictures just fine, his pictures look very very weird when I try to ...
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