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RAW refers to any of several native data formats that contain the full data captured by the sensor. Typically these are proprietary formats, and each company uses its own.

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How to use JPG embedded in RAW for color calibration in darktable

My camera (Canon EOS R5) does a great job with colors for the embedded JPG, but I am unable to achieve similar colors (mainly skin tones) when processing the RAW version of the image in darktable. I ...
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Canon DPP 4 - copy/apply white balance settings

I have two shots made with automatic white balance setup (AWB) in artificial light conditions. I like how the camera evaluated the white balance in the picture with white paw, I like how green color ...
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Nikon ViewNX-i and sidecar files

I wanted to use Nikon View NX-i to set the GPS coordinates in my raw files but it seems the data are always going to a sidecar file. I got a folder NKSC_PARAM aside of my raws with .nksc files inside ...
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How do I find raw files corresponding to selected JPEGS

I shoot RAW + JPEG on fujifilm cameras and 90% of the time I'm fully content with my jpeg images but a few could use some editing. To save time I would like to cull my photos into three categories: ...
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Damaged CR3 files saved by Canon M50 and then saved again correctly

While importing photos to Lightroom I got a somewhat worrying message that some of my photos can’t be imported as the file is damaged. Upon closer inspection, I have noticed that indeed several CR3 ...
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How to enable gThumb raw support?

gThumb supports viewing raw images. I tried to view images of my new Panasonic Lumix, but gThumb displays only a generic image icon instead of a picture. Is this a problem of my gThumb installation (...
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Why do the changes I made in camera raw look bad when I open the image in pse?

So I open my raw file in Adobe camera raw, edit and get it just right, then I click open image to make some final adjustments in pse and my image appears in pse completely over edited! What's ...
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Luminance HDR - Canon CR2 - Black images

I've been using QTPFSGUI few years ago and I wanted to do some HDR images recently... on my mac... So I downloaded today the last version 2.6.0 available and tried to create my HDR from 3 CR2 images (...
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Converting RAW NEF files to PNG/TIff - why is the converted PNG file 6x larger than the NEF file and TIFF 9x larger

I'm trying to convert NEF files to PNG or some other lossless format. Using Preview/Imagemagick, the 10MB NEF file is converted to 60-70MB png file or 95MB tiff file. Also tried converting to HEIC but ...
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After exporting from Darktable, I continue getting a message stating, "IMG...CR2 file is currently unavailable"

I'm about 2 weeks new to darktable. I (almost) successfully imported, edited & exported my current project. When I was done editing in darktable, I noticed that about 32 photos didn't export into ...
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How can I quickly switch format with RAW+JPEG images?

I have RAW+JPEG photos in Darktable. I have given some star rating to JPEG photos and filtered the lighttable view using the stars. While I have selected one of those JPEG images, can I quickly switch ...
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Why isn't Photomatix working with RAW bracketed photos?

HELP!! Lately, Photomatix will only process a few out of many RAW bracketed interior photos from my real estate shoots. Why is this, and what can I do to fix this problem? I use a Nikon D5300 and ...
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editing cr2 files

I'm having trouble with some of my images. some of them wont upload to pixieset. and I have these xmp files on my cameras memory card. none of the platforms i use to upload will support the files. ...
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Reverse-engineering Nikon B700 NRW + RAW12

Has anyone (besides Adobe) correctly reverse-engineered Nikon NRW RAW12 CFA data? My mission is to provide 'natural', unprocessed RAW12 mosaic (CFA) source to test an image processing system. The ISP ...
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Fujifilm X100V X Raw Studio connection issues with v3.01 firmware

I use X Raw Studio on MacOS and X100V with the latest 3.01 firmware. When I open a folder having a .RAF files created with older firmware (2,13, 3.00). Everything works as expected. The ...
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Apple raw image reduced quality when uploading to Amazon Photos

when backing up my iPhone 14 ProRaw images to Amazon Photos through the iOS app, my 12MP raw DNG photos are only ~1 MB or so. However, on my phone they are closer to 20 MB. After downloading the ...
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Best way to process RAW photos of acrylic paintings for print publication

Is any processing necessary on my RAW photos to prepare them for print (not Kindle) publication through KDP? Besides any processing, the KDP requirements seem to be at least 300 DPI, highest ...
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Nikon D750 NEF files display incorrectly

I got some raw files from a friend who uses the same camera model as me (Nikon D750). I notice that whereas I can postprocess my NEF pictures just fine, his pictures look very very weird when I try to ...
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custom raw compression

I'm planning to acquire between 50k and 200k image per day with a 50MPixels (or 68MPixels or 130MPixels) sensor; I'll be acquiring the raw data (10 or 12 or 14 bits) from the sensor through SLVS-EC ...
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