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How To Photograph Rain [duplicate]

I'm a beginner photographer and I want to try take a picture of my friend dancing in the rain. I own a canon sx60 but unsure of what settings and accessories I need to pull it off.
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What are some tips on night photography during rain?

What are some tips on doing night photography before / during / after rain? I'm looking for unique creative possibilities or a unique look in the resulting photos as compared to doing night ...
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Identify the rain cover

What kind of rain cover this photographer is using? I couldn't find anything similar on B&H and Adorama. Photo: Stylecaster, by Jenny Norris
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Cameras that can be used in the rain?

What cameras (DLSR & lenses, Mirrorless or P&S) can be used when its raining cats and dogs without any kind of special rainproof accessories to protect them?
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How do I photograph a wedding in the rain?

I've shot weddings before, but being in Minnesota they almost always have an indoor venue available due to the long cold winters that we have. I am coming up on a wedding that I will likely be ...
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How to photograph rain drops / water drops?

Hi, I am using a Canon EOS400D , I would like to know the best settings to use for taking photos of water drops/raindrops, I have read so many articles,but I am still really confused. Thank you.
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How do you photograph rain hitting a surface?

I live in Manchester, UK - notorious for its rainy weather! I would like to achieve something like this or
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Is the Canon 60D weather proof?

Is the Canon 60D weather proof? I know it is not stated in the manual, but has anyone tried using it under light rain?
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How can I use a zoom lens easily with a rain cover?

I bought this rain cover for my Canon 400D with a grip, a 18-200 mm lens and a Speedlite 580EX II. I was first considering making my own that would look like AquaTech ones but this one was cheap ...
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What can I photograph beautifully during or just after a rainstorm?

What can I photograph beautifully during a storm, when it is raining, or just after it rains? I would like to get some subject ideas.
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How weather-resistant is the Canon EOS 600D?

I have many friends with Nikon D300s and Canon 7Ds and they say they can handle pretty much anything they throw at them. I know the 600D is way less fit for this but I just would like to know, out of ...
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How weather resistant is the Canon EOS 7D?

Canon states that the 7D is weather resistant and built to resist water and dust. There is even a blog which shows a EOS 7D covered in snow, during a field trip. But reading trough the comments of ...
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How to construct a shot depicting falling rain?

As far as I know, rain can be shown in photographs in the following ways: Droplets on grass/leaves. People holding umbrellas. Paper boats floating. Water accumulated in pits. But I want to show the ...
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Add rain effect to a photo?

I have a photo that I would like to post process to add a rain effect. Can anybody explain how I would go about adding the effect or suggest a good tutorial? Ideally I would be able to use my ...
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How do you photograph rain?

What are recommended settings for my Nikon Coolpix P1 to best portray rain? Here's what I got. No retouching was applied. The picture I took when the rain was heavy with the automatic settings: The ...
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