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Can I use photos of paid shooting sessions to promote my business?

Lets say a business pays me to do 8-12 business type of shots so they have some nice photos they can use on their own website - and they pay me for the shooting. Copyright stays with me, they get some ...
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Which photo sharing site or photo hosting service can post full size photos to a Facebook page? [closed]

Instead of posting on Facebook directly, I would like to be able to share my photos on Facebook from a photo sharing site to Facebook. I was hoping Zenfolio could do this easily but their Facebook ...
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Will a Facebook photo page increase my visibility as a photographer?

Currently I have my webpage (never updated) and a personal Facebook page (updated each time I take pictures). I would like to increase my visibility Beyond my friends and start to get in touch with ...
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Is it worth submitting photography/artwork to online galleries?

After recently releasing my own gallery of artwork, I was wondering business wise whether or not to start submitting my photography/artwork to online galleries such as Etsy and EBay's art shop. The ...'s user avatar
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What type of photography sells well to business?

My question is really aimed at anyone who has an opinion or has experience selling prints to business. I focus mainly on urban landscape photography in London and want to focus on selling my framed ...'s user avatar
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Can I control how facebook timeline displays my photos? [closed]

As a gallery represented photographer in a resort community, my gallery and I really use Facebook for promotion. I just turned on Timeline today, marked my recent work as "Featured" and was aghast at ...
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What's the best website for showcasing my work to the public? [closed]

Wondering which website is more popular for posting own photography art and maybe get some feedback from community in other words a way to carry photography to mass public. FB is not the right place.
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