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How to create a photo/art project of one type of object in many sizes?

I have many sizes of one item, let’s say for example sea shells of one type but from the tiniest size to the largest one. I want to create a photo/multimedia project/collection but I don’t know how to ...
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What are some photography project and challenge ideas? [closed]

I got my first bridge camera ( Lumix FZ80/82 ) last year, but unfortunately didn't use it nearly as much as I'd have liked - Just taking a few local wildlife photos, etc. So into the new year I ...
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1 answer

Camera suggestion needed for long term remote timelapse

I'm working on setting up a remote timelapse waterproof system for a long term project. The idea is to have it on solar power. I'm currently playing with the CHDK firmware on a Canon PowerShot Elph ...
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How can photographers support non-profit charity organizations?

As hobbyist & professional photographers, what opportunities are available if we wanted to volunteer our services to a charitable organisations? Any ideas? What sorts of organisations might be ...
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Projects to do if you have an additional camera

So I bought my 7D a while ago meaning my older 30D gets very little use and it could definitely have a better life. I would like to find some projects that would put this extra camera back to work. I'...
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How can I hold my face in the same place for a month long daily self-portrait?

I want to take a self-portrait every day over a period of a month. I want to turn these photos into an animation, so it is important that the face is in the exact same position on each shot (the ...
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What is a good use for an old 35mm slide projector?

I have a Braun Novamat 35mm slide projector which is now completely redundant since I have scanned my entire 35mm slide collection. I was going to junk it when I started wondering if there was some ...
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New years resolutions

What kind of "New years resolutions" do you have as a photographer?
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What good DIY projects (which involve a digital camera) do you know? [closed]

Recently I found my old digital 3.2 MPix point & shoot camera which has been mainly just sitting on my shelf for the last few years. I'd like to get it back to use, but since it is rather bulky ...
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What are some easy projects to start with? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are good photography projects? I am just starting to get into photography, and I know most of the basics of photography. I was just wondering what some easy projects are ...
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What are good photography projects?

I am currently in the middle of a year long photo a day project, and am beginning to think about what I will do once this is done. What types of photography projects have you done? Please keep ...