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The process of creating a physical printed image from a photograph.

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Characteristic Curve for Split Toning?

We can see from the data sheet on Ilford Multigrade Paper (link) that the curve gets steeper with increased contrast and tonal range shrinks (as expected). Various techniques seek to maximize tonality,...
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What happens if printer runs out of ink, mid-print? Can I replace the cartridge and continue printing?

I am specifically interested in pro-ish photographic printers such as the Cannon Pro-1000 or the Epson P900. I am interested in printing long-ish prints (about 48"). I am concerned about getting ...
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Is there a software which can compare printer color profiles (not only gamma but color mapping)

I have a Canon Pro 10s Photo Printer and recently printed some photos on the Canon Plus Semi-gloss (SG-201) paper using the printer profiles included with the driver (my screen is calibrated using a ...
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Is there way to print 1:1 image on Canon Selphy CP820?

I have Canon Selphy CP820 (model not matter actually) and want to print image without any scaling and cropping. Original paper is proprietary 148x100mm. It prints at 300dpi. But when I trying to print ...
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How can I troubleshoot vertical bands in photo prints from my Epson printer?

I have an Epson R1900 printer. These bands seem to line up with ridges on the carrier(?!) I don’t know how that could happen, but I have done everything! Numerous head cleanings, head alignment, etc. ...
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What is the "right workflow" to correctly print with color profiles?

I'm a little bit confused about color management. Suppose I have an image in Photoshop with embedded color profile sRgb (or Adobe Rgb). Then, I have my printer Epson with default color profile "...
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Will Milky Way photos show too much grain when printed at 12×18"?

I want to print out either of these two Milky Way Photos on a 12x18 size photograph (Or vice versa if it is horizontal). ...
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What to use when signing print on metal

I saw an old thread about using a BIC Mark-It to sign print on metal. Then I saw a set of BIC Mark-ITs on amazon but when it was delivered, the label said BIC intensity. Does anyone know if BIC Mark-...
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Handmade paper precoating for inkjet printing

I saw a similar question here that was discussed in 2017 so I wondered if there’s any fresh information. I wonder if someone here is experienced in making homemade covering for different types of ...
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