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Questions tagged [post-processing]

Post-processing is the process (and art) of adjusting a previously-captured image to obtain a desired look. It encompasses everything from simple whole-image adjustments to detailed per-pixel touch-up work.

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Can I create an "old polaroid" style with Nikon Picture Control?

I want my Nikon D810 to automatically post-process my shots so that they look like old polaroid/vintage photos. Therefore I want to create a Nikon picture control configuration file (with the program ...
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Why does darktable's shadows and highlights module invert this image?

I've recorded a screencast of the issue here. I have a test image that I made so I could see how various modules in Darktable effected the histogram: I import this image in darkable and switch on ...
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Why do the changes I made in camera raw look bad when I open the image in pse?

So I open my raw file in Adobe camera raw, edit and get it just right, then I click open image to make some final adjustments in pse and my image appears in pse completely over edited! What's ...
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How to "tone-unmap" smartphone photographs to look like digicam shots?

I know the smartphone has the RAW option so that it records both JPEG and DNG files and DNGs can be custom processed in a RAW development program like RawTherapee etc. But if I have JPEG only ...
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Delivering retouched photos to passerby participants of photo booth?

This question is more about distributing photos. I'm going to work at pop-up photos booth at an event. I'm going to use my own camera and maybe participants' smartphones should they ask me. The booth ...
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How to remove this noise (color patches)?

I'm having images with a visible color noise taking form of color blocks: One can reveal the patches with modular multiplication (x -> x*d%255, ...
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Photography gets check pattern during saving/flattening in PS

I was working on scan of this "a little" overexposed analogue photo (cleaning from dust, some colour adjustments and curves). After saving a picture, this check pattern appear. I tried different ...
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Can I copy and invert an adjustment brush layer in Adobe Lightroom CC?

In Adobe Lightroom CC I created an adjustment brush layer and can apply effects within that area, but I would like to also apply effects outside the area. I assume copying the brush layer and ...
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How to consistently apply "global" color balance to multiple microscope images?

I have microscope images of similar samples, taken at different times with slightly different lighting conditions. Is there a way to apply a "global color balance" to all the images, if for example I ...
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Why do I have poor image quality on my Sony a99 at high iso?

I've just purchased a Sony A99, the first version, and I'm disappointed to find the photos are very noisy at high ISO, even as low as 800 or 1000. Is this typical for this camera? Is there a way to ...
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No sharpening in post process! How you can achieve that?

Some professionals do not sharpen their raw photos when they postprocess them and the result is still great! How is that possible? Quality of lenses? Different workaround? Thank you!
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Could this photo have been photoshopped?

I recently came across this photo that someone claimed to have taken on a Fuji brand camera. They claim that it’s a result of double exposure of their singular dog, but this doesn’t seem like double ...
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