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How to select a cell phone (mobile phone) that will have the best camera hardware and software?

Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began, I had the opportunity to attend a few art gallery openings that featured photography. What surprised me was that some of the photographs were taken using ...
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Can i buy these lights and be able to use them without a plug in?

Photography Studio 600W Strobe Flash Speedlite Light Lighting Softbox Kit X1T3 (Contains Andoer MD-300 strobes) I am trying to buy these lights off of ebay, and want to use them for a wedding shoot. I ...
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Are there softboxes that will work both with portable speedlights and and with studio flashes (Bowens Gemini 400RX)?

I'm very interested in acquiring a softbox with a honeycomb grid of about 150cm. Here is one of those:
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Options for backing up photos and videos from Compact Flash card to external hard disk without laptops? [duplicate]

I would like to backup photos and videos in the Compact Flash memory card directly to connected USB 2.0 or IEEE1394 enabled portable disk drive. As I will be photographing in remote region using my ...
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AC charger with battery to work on-the-go?

I have a tiny Sony DSC-W570 camera. It has a 600mah battery, which does not last long (maybe, enough for 100 pictures or so, depending on outside temps and whether flash is used each time). I have a ...
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Portable Storage Device while traveling [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I backup my RAW photos while travelling without Internet access? I need storage device which is able to read CF cards and make a backup of my photos while traveling. I ...
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What is the range of dimensions for a camera to fit comfortably in a pocket?

With compact system cameras (bridge cameras, hybrids, etc) the sizes are confusing on whether they are meant to fit into a pocket or not. This depends on the lens as well. When searching for one ...
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How can I make effective use of single portable strobe with direct lighting for an event?

I've been tasked with some event photography this weekend. Although the event will be held inside, the color of the walls prevents me from using bounce flash, so I have to use direct flash with a ...
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How do I set up a home portrait studio area in zero space?

I live in a small urban apartment with my wife, two children, two cats, a goat, and a flock of chickens. Or, at least it feels like that sometimes. I'd like to set up an area for basic portrait ...
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