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What is called when two pictures are combined

Like say, for instance, I saw a picture of the front of a older and newer Toyota Supra like it was transforming and it was cut in half.
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Hummingbird photography with a Nikon D5300

I started using a Nikon D5300. My back yard has a lot Hummingbirds and I want take very good pictures. I took a couple but the wings are not clear. Does someone have a suggestion on how I can do this?...
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Is a 3:2 ratio the best fit when submitting content to a site? [duplicate]

I want to allow my site's users to submit content for consideration/review. Does a cover photo of a 3:2 ratio fit in well with all screens? Is it what can be considered consistent? What is your best ...
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Is this a good example of "Rule of Thirds"? [duplicate]

I've been doing extensive research into photography, and I want to ensure that I understand the "Rule of Thirds" correctly. So my question, to all the experts out there, is, is this photo a good ...
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Suggestions what I can do with 26 images of the same scene taking in different seasons [closed]

I have 26 copies of a scene taken in different seasons from the same position. They are not all perfectly aligned, but can be aligned manually. Here is 1 copy below Can anyone suggest what great ...
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why it is showing two pictures of a picture [closed]

I have got a picture of CIMSS satellite and it is peculiarly showing two pictures continuously I am new on this picture effects May I know is this any kind of effect given into it. any help will be ...
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Is there somewhere I can download sample images to use for practicing HDR techniques? [closed]

I'm a student and I have a final project concerning 'tone mapping technique'. I have a simple question - is there a site where I can download the data base for an image HDR? For example as we can ...
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How can I find Nikon D600 + Nikkor AF 80-200 f2.8 D photo samples?

Is there any way we could see some photos from the new Nikon D600 and 80-200 f2.8 D ED combo? Over at Flickr, or someplace else—maybe? I could scarcely find "tags" with 80-200 f2.8D and Nikon D600 ...
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Where can I find photos with EXIF data online for learning purposes?

Many of the blogs / Flickr streams do not publish images their EXIF data with the pictures - all I can see is the histogram. Can you recommend blogs / samples with EXIF data in them so that I may ...
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Which websites give step by step explanation to how a picture is taken?

I randomly came across this article - I would like to find out if there are any websites there are dedicated to ...
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What makes a good sample image for ISO comparison?

To be more specific this image is always used by Digital Photography School for ISO comparison. What are those features that make this image suitable for ISO comparison.
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What makes a good sample image?

I am writing some software where the user applies filters to images. For example, this sample image: Would be displayed like below to demonstrate a crop: Or a white point adjust: What attributes ...
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Where can I find sample Raw images?

I am looking to get some Raw images in Cannon- CR2/CRW; Nikon- *.NEF ; or Adobe DNG- *.DNG files. I am looking to process them using some post-processing tool like Lightroom and want to test a few ...
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How do I identify the object of a picture I've taken?

Sometimes I have a picture which I don't know, or which I have taken a long time ago. So how do you identify unknown stuff on your image? For example I saw this picture, and what is the best approach ...
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Bulk Download of Public Domain Images [closed]

Is anyone aware of a site that offers bulk download of public domain images? I'm working on an image processing machine learning project, and I need a ton of photos to train and test my algorithm with....
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Examples from the Nikkor Micro 105mm f/2.8 on a full frame camera

This is more of a request than a question. I'm considering getting the aforementioned lens but I'm a bit afraid that it may not allow me to produce as much magnification as I would hope for. That's ...
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