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Flash control disabled on Nikon Z7 when attempting to use external flash

I have a Nikon Z7 and the following rented equipment: Nikon SB-910 flash unit Phottix Odin II Receiver for Nikon Phottix Odin II Flash Trigger for Nikon The on-camera setup is working great, it's my ...
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Will my Phottix Ares ii triggers work with Yongnuo YN 560 III speedlights?

At the moment I’m using a Canon 100D. Will the Phottix Ares II transmitter and receiver work with a Yongnuo YN-560 III speedlite?
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Can a YN-E3-RT control a Phottix Laso Receiver?

Does someone know if this combo is possible? I have bought YN-E3-RT and a pair of YN-E3-RX to trigger a 580EX II and a 430EX II. I also have 580EX that I want to include in the system. So I was ...
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Why Can't I Set My Flash Intensity with My Phottix Odin 2 in Manual Mode

I have two speedlites. A Phottix Mitros and a Sunpak PZ42X. I can control flash intensity in both of them in TTL mode. I can also control the zoom (for Mitros it works, a bit buggy with Sunpak; ...
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Will the Phottix Odins for Sony give me remote power control over a LumoPro LP180?

Context So I have a Sony α6300 with a Metz 64 with the Sony Phottix Odin Wireless setup. With that setup, I have no problems and TTL works just fine. Question I'm considering adding a second ...
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If I have a Phottix Mitros+ and Odin trigger, what is my best option for on-camera fill flash that can still be a master?

So I am starting to confuse myself with all of the different transmitters and receivers. I was looking at the Yongnuo triggers and flashes but once I saw the Mitros+ and that it has built-in radio, it ...
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