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The areas on the sensor that detects light.

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Benefit of larger photosites

I often read that larger photosites have better SNR performance. However, from further reading and test footage I have seen. It seems that, as many people also rightfully point out, it has more to do ...
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2 answers

What is the structure of a photosite?

I know that sensors are made from several (million) photosites. But what is in the photosites? What chemicals, if any? How are they made? What actually detects the light? I am looking for both CMOS ...
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Why is it not yet possible to adjust exposure *TIME* in post?

Or, more technically, why can't the values of photosites be read while exposing? As that would allow a camera to store versions of a RAW with varying exposure times ("subexposures" I'll call ...
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Large difference between number of image sensor pixels and pixels in the image from my iPhone

According to the specifications given by Apple, the iPhone 5s camera has 8 megapixels. I assume that this is supposed to mean that the image sensor has 8 million photosites, and I would appreciate it ...
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Does a deeper photosite increase the dynamic range?

As I understand, a bigger photosite (on the sensor) enables a bigger dynamic range and also better high ISO performance. Is there a reason not to make the photosite deeper?
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How do digital sensors that capture one color at each photosite compare to sensors that capture many colors?

There are different type of digital camera sensors, those sensors that can capture only one color at each photosite and those who can capture more than one color at each photosite. Which one is ...