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Use this tag only only if the question involves photo processing using Adobe Photoshop itself. General photo processing questions can use the "image-manipulation" tag, while questions not about photo processing are off-topic - see the tag wiki entry for suggestions where these questions can be asked.

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Easy prevention of unintended lines after crop in Photoshop cs6?

After cropping and saving for web as jpeg (maximum, optimized, convert to sRGB selected) there are unintended 1px gray lines around the border of my images that have a white background. I've read that ...
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trying to recolorize monochrome planetary image

I have a little project going on where I am taking monochrome planetary images and coloring them to as true to life as possible. Affinity Photo is my primary editor although I am familiar with ...
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Using Photoshop Organizer with Amazon Prime Photos

I’ve read Amazon’s Prime Photo service advertised as an unlimited photo storage service. They allow you to save RAW files, which addresses the shortfall of many other online storage services. Has ...
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Getting the band together — lighting in discord

In an amateur band it was impossible to get everyone together at once for a dress rehearsal. Different people are traveling (usually out of the country) at any one time, and they often practice in ...
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LR Edit in PS, edited image does not show in LR

I was having an issue with Lightroom CC 2015 freezing and found the suggestion about changing the useAutoBahn setting to false, which I did and indeed the freezing seems to have stopped. But now an ...
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Is there a free alternative to Photoshop's Adaptive Wide Angle filter?

Adobe Photoshop provides an Adaptive Wide Angle filter to to correct lens distortions. I really like the intuitive user interface which allows me to just draw a line to fix issues. Is there any free ...
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In Affinity photo there are 3 eyedropper tools in curve section like photoshop?

I started using affinity photo, but I can't find 3 eyedropper tools like photoshop (shadow, middle, highlight). They are in the curve section. If somebody knows there is like this function in ...
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Converting image intensity values to a certain range of grayscale values

I have a large set of photos scanned by an overhead scanner and they need to be microfilmed. However, for microfilming issues those photos ought to have a certain range of absolute grayscale values. ...
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Photography gets check pattern during saving/flattening in PS

I was working on scan of this "a little" overexposed analogue photo (cleaning from dust, some colour adjustments and curves). After saving a picture, this check pattern appear. I tried different ...
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Can you open a smart object as copy?

In Adobe Camera Raw, I know of 3 options for opening files in Photoshop: If you click the Open Image button, it saves your changes to a sidecar xmp file (or ...
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Is converting CR3 raw images (Canon EOS R6) to adobes DNG for usage in Photoshop CS6 lossless and otherwise unobjectionable

I replaced my old camera with CR2 raw format a while ago with a new one (Canon EOS R6) with CR3. As soon as I shot the first pictures with it I had the problem that they could not be opened in ...
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How to bulk reposition hundreds of photos so all the faces lay above each other perfectly?

you might have seen these videos on YouTube where people take a selfie everyday and after a few years make a time lapse video of it. I did the same except that I didn't take all the photos witht the ...
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Pixel binning with R5C

How can I do pixel binning with R5C's raw files or directly (ie., before writing a file), with still or video, from the camera (eg., with a specific downscaled format) or with another existing ...
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Scratch memory error in Photoshop

I am a new user of photoshop. I installed photoshop in my system and now I am getting a scratch memory error in photoshop. Does anyone know how can I fix this error on my PC?
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How can I create a #21 orange filter in PS 2022?

I would like to set up a standard #21 orange filter in PS 2022's black & white widget. It's inscrutably not included in the list, though it's a popular and useful B&W filter. I've found the ...
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Difference Blend in PS different from that in Gimp

I've developed a workflow supporting diffuse/specular separation for isolating specular information from cross-polarized and co-polarized photography, this used in photogrammetry. I started this in ...
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How to record Adobe Photoshop Photomerge action?

I'm trying to record a Photomerge action in Adobe Photoshop, so that I can re-use this action for batch photo merging. However I'm only able to record the first step of the Photomerge, i.e: Layout and ...
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Photoshop setting to achieve specific look

We had someone create a vinyl image of our dog years ago. She needed a high quality photo and then converted it to this vinyl image. Does anyone know what settings are used to achieve this look?
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Could this photo have been photoshopped?

I recently came across this photo that someone claimed to have taken on a Fuji brand camera. They claim that it’s a result of double exposure of their singular dog, but this doesn’t seem like double ...
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