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TV show is asking to use a photo, what now?

this question is similar to a post from 9 years ago, but I feel the details are slightly different, more specific and I thought some of you might have other ideas. A rep from "
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What are my photography rights with this client?

I’m currently working contract-based with one of direct sales companies. Basically I’m providing 200 lifestyle product images for them each month while being freelance. Mostly they use my pictures for ...
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Can a tripod be used on the grounds of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich?

It was raining, so I set my tripod up under a covered part [outside] at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, by the main vista only to told that tripods are not allowed on Observatory grounds; you have ...
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Editor's rights to results of processing photographer's RAW image file?

I edited the RAW image file that a photographer offered at the /r/EditMyRAW Reddit sub. I am not familiar with the rights of an editor/retoucher and am curious to know how the editing work/original ...
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Do I deserve credit for photos I took for work?

I work full time for a company where I perform several different roles. About a year ago they recognized my photographic skills and began to have me contribute photos to their social media campaign. ...
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How to obtain high resolution photographs for personal use?

I want to print this photo by John Soares: Is it customary to directly mail the photographer? Will he or she ...
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What am I legally entitled to do with a photograph I've purchased?

If I purchase a professional photograph - am I then allowed to treat or adjust that photo any way I wish once I own it? For example, would it be an infringement of the copyright to enlarge the ...
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Right to use a photo taken at a Russian train station

I took a cool photo whilst standing on the platform of Paveletsky station in Moscow. Its a bit like this one. Do I have the right to use my photo on the cover of a book that I'm publishing?
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What is the impact of the EU discussion on restricting freedom of panorama?

I'm quite interested on the current discussion on "freedom of panorama" in EU, which seems to basically restrict a lot photographers' possibility to take shots of monuments, architecture and maybe ...
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Looking for info on photographer/camera settings for AppleTV Stock screensaver photos

Is there a way to find out the lens and settings information for the default screen saver photos that come with the AppleTV? Some of those pictures are quite interesting and I'd love to find out who, ...
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Model Using Photographs Without Permission?

Model releases are often discussed where the photographer needs the model's consent to have the photo published/used commercially. But what about the other way around? Can the model use the photos the ...
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Photos of people on an ad supported website [duplicate]

Can I take candid photos of people in publuc without their knowledge and post them on an ad supported blog or website?
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Why do many museums prohibit photographing a painting?

I am curious as to why many art museums disallow photographing a painting. Some museums will allow photography if you pay them, but there are still some paintings that are absolutely prohibited to be ...
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What are the laws in Australia surrounding photography in public places?

Occasionally I see references to laws (in multiple countries) where you need a "professional photographers license" or something similar to be allowed to use a tripod in public places. I am new to ...
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Image use guidelines that seem to completely contradict themselves

I have a set of image usage guidelines as follows: USAGE OF AIRBUS IMAGES Digital images in high-resolution format may be downloaded from the Airbus Photo Gallery site. Obtaining any other ...
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What legal restrictions are there on the use of logos in photos?

This question is similar to my other question however this has to do with Logos. If I am in public (on public property) and take a photo that has a recognizable company logo in it what rights do I ...
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Personality Rights [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is a model release needed for all commercial photo sales? I have read many question here on SE looking for this answer and if I missed a question please point me in the right ...
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Is it legal to stop me from taking photos in temples in India?

I live in India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Here, some temples do not allow visitors to take pictures or videos. Is that legal, to stop me from taking photos? So many adventures and lovable statues ...
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What legal restrictions to photography are there in European countries?

I'm from Ukraine, and I know where I can shoot here and when. I had few trips to USA where I know it's very difficult to shoot on the street, without encroaching on someone else's private life. I ...
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