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2 answers

Linux desktop software to create photo albums

I am wanting to design a photo album/photo book, in which I put together different photos, some text, etc. and this become a multi-page document. I very much enjoy Canva which has useful tools such as ...
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Photobook printing – does the text get printed differently?

I've printed a few photobooks through various services (AdoramaPix, Blurb, etc.) and am always looking for better quality options. I hear good things about BayPhotos and Milk, in particular their 6-...
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Film workflow with lightroom

I do both digital and film photography. Scanning film negatives does not produce great results in terms of quality, and I think a print from negative is far superior. What I like about Lightroom ...
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How to choose photobook size when photographs are oriented in both landscape and portrait?

I am looking at 8x11, 11x8.5, and 12x12 inch photobooks (other sizes are available but are mostly obtained by rescaling these). I want to include both portrait and landscape photos. Which overall ...
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3 answers

Should I quote focal length using equivalent focal length in a photobook?

I'm putting together a (non-commercial) photobook from a year in a foreign country. I took all the photos with the Canon EOS-M3 which has an APS-C sensor (crop factor 1.6). I want to quote the ...
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Tutorial images for Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-Step Digital Photography book

I took in the library a book by Gavin Hoole and Cheryl Smith "Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-Step Digital Photography for Absolute Beginners of All Ages". In the first chapter, the authors ...
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Recommendations needed for European short run photobook publisher [closed]

I'm looking for a European publisher who can do (very) short run photobooks - hardback "Taschen" style is my brief and I have two clients lined up. I'm looking for something a bit different which isn'...
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1 vote
2 answers

Free software to create photo book (Pdf)

Please suggest some good free software to create photo books, which can save in PDF format.
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2 votes
4 answers

How to group photos for photo book

I am trying to create a photo book to give to family and friends for Christmas. I am wondering how to organize images. Should I group landscape shots into one chapter, cities into another and animals ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Best way to produce photo books out of Lightroom?

I'm disappointed with the book module in Lightroom 4. It seems to be bound to one single publisher (blurb) and while I don't even mind using blurb, the biggest disappointment is that you cannot ...
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2 answers

What are some good photography books available to read on Kindle? [closed]

I do most of my reading on a Kindle, and find it very convenient. However, it seems that few publishers of photography books are making their titles available on Kindle. I'd be interested in reading ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Name of the book/album with an entire road/boulevard photographed

I remember about a photography documentary seen some time ago. The photographer published a book containing an entire road/boulevard. I can't remember the name of the artist. Do you know about such a ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How to photograph a huge book on a table so text is level?

I use PENTAX Optio RS1500 Hoya Corp. digital camera with 14 megapixels. When I photograph a huge book on a table, I can use text mode to capture all the text and lines clearly. But the lines become ...
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What double-sided ink jet paper is best for printing fine-art photo books at home?

I am planning to print my own photo books of my landscape and wildlife photography. I have a Canon PIXMA Pro9500 II pigment inkjet printer, and I have spent an extensive amount of time working with ...
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4 answers

Is there non-online software for creating professional photo books?

I'm interested in Windows and Mac software or a plugin (for Lightroom, Aperture, InDesign, whatever) for creating professional photo books that I can then export as JPEGs (or any other format that is ...
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Photo-books with lay-flat pages

I am looking for a company that does lay-flat photo-books in large sizes and large number of pages.
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25 votes
5 answers

What do you recommend for a high quality photo book service?

I'm looking for a reliable photo book printing service that allows the option of uploading a high quality PDF or Indesign file, but also prints using high quality photo prints. I've used Blurb, but ...
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