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software application that allows one to view digital pictures in various formats (jpeg, tiff, png, etc.), generally on a computing device.

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What's the best software for reading and writing image tags to and from image meta data fields?

I have millions of images that have had image tags assigned to them by various cv-api's my plan is to generate a data file, that will associate the image file names with the data captured so that I ...
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Why shouldn't raw files be rotated?

When I attempt to rotate a CR2 file in Photo Viewer, a message appears: That didn't work, RAW files don't rotate. Select edit to rotate and save it as a different file type. There are many tips to ...
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Different image viewer shows different color (brightness?) of jpg image

I'm not sure if I should ask this question here or not. I've some images, that have a problem, as the screenshot below shows: The softwares are as following (left to right, top to bottom): [qimgv] [...
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Editing jpeg with Windows Photo Viewer gives strange results

modifying jpeg images from my Nikon D5500 with Microsoft Photo Viewer 6.1 (Windows 7), I am experiencing strange effects. I would like to understand if I am degrading the images or not. When I rate ...
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GraphicConverter 10.x - what is "image verification"? What does it do?

I use GraphicConverter 10.x from AppStore. What is image verification? What does it do? Why does it needs so much CPU? I use MacBook Air.
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Picture viewer that displays EXIF and allows to delete photos [closed]

I am learning photography with DSLR. Generally, at this early stage, I am taking several photos of the same subject with different camera settings. While I view those pictures on my PC, I find one to ...
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Image Viewer With with Exif

Looking for something like windows photo viewer where I can open an image from a folder and page through the images in that folder using next, previous, but also have the EXIF info show up somewhere. ...
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Can Lightroom catalogs be created in any other program?

I would like to use a software such as Mosaic to view my photos on my iPad. However, I would prefer not to buy Lightroom, as I (currently) have no use for the RAW editing. So, can Lightroom catalogs ...
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Viewers that output to 30-bit monitors?

I'm having trouble finding applications that output to 30-bit monitors. Part of the problem is inconsistent terminology, as some say 30-bit color, or 10-bit color (as in 10-bits per component) or deep ...
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Photo viewer for Windows that displays shutter speed/aperture/ISO?

Going through my own photos and looking at the exposure setting and composition is a good way of learning. Is there a photo viewer for Windows that shows you the exposure settings (shutter speed, ...
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Which Windows raw image viewer can only show jpeg, but on delete both raw and jpeg?

I'm searching for an image viewer with the following features: (situation is, that both jpeg and raw are saved) windows (7) support when clicking through pictures only show jpeg when deleting photo, ...
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How can I link a specific 500px portfolio in Facebook with thumbnails in the correct order?

I am sure this is simple and I am just missing something; How can I post a link to a specific 500px portfolio of mine so that the link others see displays the thumbnail images in the correct order or ...
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What software shows the most accurate version of a photograph for web viewing?

I have a photo (photo_A.jpg), taken on a post-sunset beach, for which I want to reduce some noise. I do so using the luminance noise reduction technique from Adobe ...
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Which image viewers and editors for the Mac are able to handle really large files?

Are there any editors or viewers (other than Photoshop CSx) for MacOS that can handle files larger than 30000x30000 pixels?
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What's a good iPhone application to view large images (5000px+)?

I want to view large images that I transfer to my iPhone from my computer. Obviously I cannot view them completely at a 1:1 ratio, but rather I want to be able to zoom in to the 1:1 ratio. The only ...
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Are "Windows Photo Viewer" rotations lossless?

Can I rotate lossily compressed photos that I view in Windows Photo Viewer without worrying about losing even more information to compression?
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Need suggestions on a good RAW Viewer [closed]

I am a guy who mostly shoot JPEGs even though I know the benefits of shooting RAWs. Its because I'm too lazy to process the RAW files. I am newish in Photography, I shoot a lot of pics whenever I'm ...
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What's a good application to view large images (100 to 1000+ megapixels)

I'm generating some large imagery and am trying to find a decent application that can handle these well. I realize there are various flash based ones for viewing on the web but I'd ideally like an ...
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