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Questions tagged [photo-mechanic]

For questions about Photo Mechanic, the "standalone image browser and workflow accelerator" from Camera Bits.

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3 answers

Force Lightroom to check of XML changes

I use Lightroom and Photo Mechanic. When I make changes in Photo Mechanic (ratings, colour labels, etc.), the changes are written to an XML file. Often I make hundreds of changes. In Lightroom, it is ...
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Starring a DNG image in Photo Mechanic causes Adobe Camera Raw to forget edits

I use Photo Mechanic and Adobe Camera Raw. I convert my RAW files to (locked) DNGs. I then cull these DNGs in Photo Mechanic, and then I edit them in ACR, which creates a sidecar XMP file. If I later ...
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2 answers

Where can I find a mechanical drawing of the Canon EF Mount?

This is my first question-post. First of all my final goal is to build a simple but functional objective. I was inspired by this video: DIY Camera Lens (I don't hope to make something so neat the ...
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How to filter photos in Lightroom 6 by EffectiveMaxAperture EXIF tag?

I shoot with different non-CPU manual focus lenses and use LensTagger (Lightroom plugin) to write full lens name into EXIF. I also set up different MF lens "profiles" (called "non-CPU lens data" by ...
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How to seamlessly rate in Photo Mechanic but also edit in Lightroom?

I have been using Photo Mechanic to cull my images before I import to Lightroom because Photo Mechanic is considerably faster for this step. Where I run into an issue is when I already have the images ...
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Does Photo Mechanic import faster than Lightroom?

I've recently found myself being encumbered by LRs slow rendering so I want to use Photo Mechanic. But I wonder if Photo Mechanic ingests faster than LR imports? It seems to me that just copying ...
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How can I share rating metadata between Aperture and PhotoMechanic?

Is it possible to have enable editing photo metadata (keywords, rating, stars, color) in both Aperture and Photo Mechanic if the files are stored in Aperture as "referenced" files? I did a quick test,...
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