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Photo galleries are internet sites, site plugins, or other (desktop) software used for building an organized presentation of photographs.

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Photo hosting service accepting donations for download? [closed]

I am a board member for a local little league in charge of marketing and communications. I run all the social media, take photos of games at the parks, etc., to help build our following for upcoming ...
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What options are there for a self-hosted image (file) archive for clients? [closed]

I work in a small advertising company and for our clients I need a reliable and simple image, or file, hosting service. We do a lot photography for our clients and the images are used in different ...
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Online gallery software that has good integration with lightroom 6 [closed]

I'm looking for online gallery software that has good integration with lightroom 6. My prerequisites: Easy publishing from within Lightroom 6 with e.g. a plugin software should be installable on my ...
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Where can I buy poster-size reprints of great photographs? [closed]

Please, correct me if this is off-topic question here. I have recently found a great photograph of Beth Moon. I would like to hang a poster-size reprint of this photo on my wall. I inquired a few ...
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Self-hosted gallery that will base on existing library structure [closed]

I have thousands of photos sorted in hierarchical structure of folders (like Family->John). This library is shared between various devices like DLNA (TV), cloud (android), network sharing (samba, ...
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What is a good workflow for tagging photos via exif, then automatically displaying them on WP site via tag?

I have a lot of photos from site visits to different libraries around the U.S. I ultimately want to share these photos on a website so that viewers can sort by the various tags (e.g. "student study ...
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Is flickr dying? [closed]

Sorry if the question sounds flippant, it isn't meant to be, and I know that this is asking an opinion rather than a verifiable fact but bear with me... I'm looking for somewhere to start uploading ...
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Online gallery to compare different films?

I'm looking for an online gallery to compare different kinds films. I know offers a pretty good tag search function, but is there any place (has some one did this?) that I can do this ...
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Are there any open-source 'skinnable' photography galleries?

I am looking for a ready made gallery system that I can install on a subdomain of my site to allow people who I photograph the ability to enter a user name and password and download / order copies of ...
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What are the options for showing clients their proofs online?

I'm looking for a solution to show clients their photo proofs online. I would like something that can integrate with my website, meaning basically I just want to host it on my site so I can use the ...
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Is there a photo print provider I can use to offer a "Buy a print" feature on my own website?

I do host my own photo gallery online and want to share my photos with my community. It should be possible to purchase copies of my photos online. So I asked myself if there is a service provider for ...
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What is a good pre-built website platform for displaying my photos?

I know many of the people develop their own web sites, and that's fine if you want to invest the time. Unfortunately, I barely get time enough to take photographs, so I would rather get something out ...
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What's a free alternative to SlideShowPro?

I'm looking for a free alternative to SlideShowPro for a client, preferable open source and a solution that doesn't use Flash, but rather use JavaScript with deploy similar techniques as on Flickr for ...
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Is there a free competition hosting site?

I'd like to host a photo competition with some of my coworkers, but we have no internal site that would allow voting on photos. Does anyone know of a site that would allow uploading and voting on ...
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What are ways to drive traffic to your online gallery?

I feature all my work exclusively online. What are ways, besides the link-spamming and SEO to drive traffic to your online gallery? I use Facebook and Twitter to occasionally to post links, but I'd ...
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What are some good online forums for discussing photographic editing?

What are some good forums for talking about editing photos in Photoshop or GIMP? Where do you talk about such things? EDIT: Other than here, of course.
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What are the best sites to share photo galleries with friends?

Which sites do you use for sharing photos with family and friends?