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Is it ok to place my DSLR in a box and just cut a hole for the lens?

I just built a photobooth with a Rebel T3 as my camera. My original plan was to just cut a hole in the box for the lens (I see a lot of DIY photobooth projects that do this), but I ended up just ...
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Dslr remote pro automatically set bulb when using external flash

Im using dslr remote pro for windows and my camera is canon eos 700D. When i am using external flash mode, then go to full photo booth mode the shutter speed on my cam led is automatically set to bulb ...
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Can black image on photo strip be saved?

I'm someone who knows nothing about photography at all. That said, I was wondering if it'd be possible to save an image taken at a booth you can go in at fairs or whatever and it'll take your picture ...
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Which Camera to replace Canon PowerShot G10 in self-made photo booth

Some friends and I did build a photo booth for a friend's wedding, which is now part of every wedding/birthday/whatever event in our clique. We did exaggerate it a bit and even programmed our own user ...
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Will the built-in flash of a Polariod camera be adequate for a wedding photobooth?

My best friend is getting married in one week. He asked me to set up a photo booth near the reception so that people can take pictures of themselves using funny accessories. The photo booth should be ...
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Legal: do I need releases for a photo booth at a public event?

I have a non-profit that regularly puts on public events that are free and open to everyone. We recently installed a photo booth at our events that anyone is free to take part in. We created a release ...
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How do I setup and capture an event photo booth?

It is becoming someone common in my area to have what is colloquially called a photo booth at events such as weddings. Usually they are simply a camera on a tripod tethered to a computer, with ...
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Any ideas for a photo booth props at a market?

I am putting together a farmers' market/flea market photo booth. I was hoping someone could give me some ideas for props that are cheap and easy. This is just a trial I am running locally.
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How do I light a photo booth with a single flash and an umbrella?

I run a photobooth for a friend at a party for a side job and last night we came across a predicament. We only were able to use one flash on a tripod, instead of the usual two, along with the camera ...