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applied to questions having a philosophical edge that cannot be scientifically proven or can have one right answer thus but is a matter of beliefs, opinion and the like.

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What questions should I ask some who has a photography hobby? [closed]

I asked a friend of mine what hobbies they liked. One was photography. What impressive question can I go back with to make a conversation? I know nothing about photography
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Is taking photos from a video still photography? [closed]

I want to take photos out from a video that I took, but would that still be photography?
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As a professional photographer, how can one handle a wedding photographer being rude or demanding in a way that will compromise overall image quality?

Recently I was at a wedding (my sister in law's) where the photographer that was officially covering the wedding was rude about me supposedly blocking her second shooter (when I was consciously ...
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Capturing an actual portrait and the philosophy behind portrait photography

I've run across millions of sites, books, tutorial videos etc. "about portraits", but most of them break down to lighting and posing (which is as important I guess). Those are often lacking the ...
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Can great photographs be taken with not-so-good equipment?

Many photographers will tell you that the equipment doesn't really matter and that while it may be more challenging to get the shot you want with a P&S or a crappy lens, it is still possible. ...
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How do I explain that post-processing is an important step in producing good photos?

Yesterday I shot a few very good pictures, went home and post-processed them. After a few hours, I showed the results to my friends. They told me "you did that with Photoshop", as I which is true, but ...
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How to not be ignored when talking to another photographer with significantly better gear? [closed]

I have a 60D and I was using the kit 18-200mm lens and I saw a bunch of photographers set up at spot to get a picture of Seattle. There were 3 different people with 600mm L lenses ($7000). I went up ...
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Is photomontage photography?

I frequent 500px and enjoy viewing and voting the photos there. I thought I was mostly looking at photography on this site but it seems that my eyes were fooled more then a few times. (And this is not ...
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Can one make good photographs with artistic sense but little real technical skill?

I used to practice photography, but I quit for a while after getting burned out, because I was not able to catch exactly what I was seeing at the moment — never same light, never same colors. I know ...
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What is the philosophical justification generally accepted by photographers on why they should be able to profit privately over public property?

Say someone takes a picture of Lord Nelson's statue in Trafalgar Square at dusk, and sells on his website for profit. Is it not arguable that people would not buy it if it weren't a statue of a ...
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Does a photographer take pictures or make pictures?

Most people speak of the process of photography as taking pictures. However, many serious photographers instead refer to making pictures. One might be inclined to dismiss this as jargon, but there's ...
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