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Pentax is a Japanese camera company which produces compact digital cameras, and APS-C and medium-format digital SLRs.

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Is Pentax still the only company offering an Astrotracer-like feature?

Pentax cameras have, rather early on, offered a mode that makes use of GPS data and the moveable sensor to compensate for star trailing, which makes longer exposures of starry skies possible. Pentax ...
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Can't factory reset my Pentax K-70 DSLR

So I'm pretty sure I've jacked up my camera for good and I don't know what I did wrong so I want to factory reset it, but when I go to the "Reset" option, it is grayed out. When I go to the &...
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Is a sticking mirror latch lever a likely cause of a winding issue on a Pentax ME Super? What else could it be?

I've recently added a Pentax ME Super to my (ever growing) SLR collection. This one appears to have had minimal use, but it has an issue with the advance lever which I think I know the cause of, but ...
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White dots top corner of every photo

Recently got scans back and noticed a small white dot in the top corner of every photograph. The exposure otherwise seemed to be ok. I shot it with my Pentax 67 and used Kentmere 400. It was developed ...
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How do I get an old microscope adaptor to work when the K-3 is asking for F-stop data?

I have fitted an old manual microscope objective mount to my Pentax K-3. It asks for the F-stop to proceed, which the lens cannot provide. I have tried all settings in the camera including manual ...
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