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Why is 16:9 aspect ratio rarely used in professional photography?

Sony uses a 16:9 (1.778) aspect ratio for still photos taken from its camcorders. As a guideline, panoramic photos commonly are 3:1, which is wider, while medium format are well-known to be half that ...
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What are the standard pixel, inches and megabyte sizes for fine art photography?

I know that 6x4 inch photos were popularized by 35mm cameras, which were then superseded by 4x3 aspect ratio in digital cameras, while 16x9 has taken precedence in general because of widescreen ...
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Does photo quality deteriorate when you scale the image size larger?

If a scenic photograph is scaled double its original size to conform to some printing dpi/inches criteria, the default setting in Gimp appears as "cubic interpolation". Assuming this is the ...
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What values to use for A2 paper size in Microsoft gpd file?

I hope this question could be answered here. I need to understand what values should be chosen for A2 size. Per this Franklin Heath article and this one at Microsoft Answers: A3 and A4 size are ...
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Why are polaroids not square?

When I used to look at real polaroid photos, I could not help but think that they are not exactly square (I have a mild OCD, I would tell). After so many years my suspicion was proven correct: on the ...
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What are Cabinet and HV formats?

Computer print dialogs, including the one used by MS Word on Windows 10, include some random predefined paper sizes, apparently intended for photographic prints. Not all of them are part of the PWG ...
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Why is the A1 (paper) format 594×841 and not 594×840? [closed]

Why is the A1 (paper) format 594×841 mm and not 594×840 mm(so the double size of format A2)? Same goes with formats B, C, D, ....
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