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Which online photo printing services in the UK or Netherlands offer archival-quality printing; what technologies do they use?

Having had disappointing results from several online printing services, are there any that offer a premium-quality product? As described in What printing solution will best provide me with high ...
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Are unencrypted online printing services safe to upload images to?

I am a UK-based photographer looking for a pro-quality online printing service. I have looked into dscolourlabs, proam imaging, and metro imaging, all of which appear to be quite popular and have been ...
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How to achieve great clothing photography with natural wrinkles effect

We are wondering how these photos of apparel are taken, as they are trending. It is not the typical flat lay shots, as the garment shows some texture and it is somehow "inflated" from the inside. ...
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Online stores for second hand photo equipment in France

What are the biggest reputable online camera stores in France that offer used equipment for sale? Is there anything similar to either in France or in nearby countries (with affordable, ...
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What does it mean when an online store says "Nikon USA model"?

What does Nikon USA model mean? At some online stores they specify USA and they are a bit more then the ones at the same store that do not say USA.
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Does an on-line flash buying guide exist with a feature search?

I'm looking for something comparable to dpreview's camera feature search and lens feature search. There are plenty of buying guides on-line outlining to what parameters one should pay attention when ...
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When lens pricing is too good to be true...avoid?

Without going into detail - I'm noticing that some Professional DSLR lenses are on sale at amazon for up to 50pct off. An example would be an L-series lens which sells for 2200 being available for ...
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Online hosting and printing service, preferably UK-based?

My wife is running a charity event in the summer and a photographer has kindly said they will photograph the event and provide us with the original images to sell. Is there an online service (Ideally ...
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Are there any online printing & framing "shopping cart" services based in Canada? [closed]

I am currently with Fine Art America (FAA) which has a fantastic "shopping cart" app for Facebook but not a very nice layout for online portfolios. It does what I want it to do - allows people to ...
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Where can I buy a filter for UV photography in Europe? (sub 400 nm)

Does anyone know where one can purchase filters for UV photography in Europe? These are the opposite of standard UV filters - these block visible light and only allow UV to pass through. All I could ...
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Is it worth submitting photography/artwork to online galleries?

After recently releasing my own gallery of artwork, I was wondering business wise whether or not to start submitting my photography/artwork to online galleries such as Etsy and EBay's art shop. The ...'s user avatar
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How do I find a trustworthy online Nikon retailer in Canada?

I rarely use online shops and I had never shopped cameras online! Today I just checked and it just doesn't look right to me, it does not look as good as and also says ...
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What's a good online tool for finding the right SLR?

I have a certain list of features I absolutely need, as well as a price range, and I want to plug this information into some sort of online tool that will filter through a comprehensive list of ...
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Best websites to find deals on purchasing Digital Camera / Equipment?

What are the best websites ( other than Amazon ) to find deals on purchasing digital cameras and equipment?. Canon EOS 60 D is on my wishlist and I am looking for Discount / Deals. Most of my ...
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Is there a photo print provider I can use to offer a "Buy a print" feature on my own website?

I do host my own photo gallery online and want to share my photos with my community. It should be possible to purchase copies of my photos online. So I asked myself if there is a service provider for ...
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How do I judge tripod sturdiness when buying online?

I’m looking to buy a tripod online. (My one local camera shop doesn’t stock many options, and those it does have are much more expensive there than are online.) Price, size, weight — all these are ...
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Where can I buy a camera off the internet? [closed]

Can you list some of the trusted websites for buying cameras and lenses that deliver inside USA? I am looking to buy a camera, and have heard that you can get some very good package deals (camera + ...
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