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Displaying a semi-transparent "ghost" of the previous image on a monitor used to compose the following image. Usually used for stop motion photography.

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how to have a ghost of previous photo on screen when taking a new photo? [duplicate]

I'm an art student and I'm working on a stop motion short video that I'm making and it would help a lot if a ghost like view of my previous frame that i took to show on the lcd of my camera when I'm ...
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Is there a way use Live View tethered and superimpose a transparent view of the previous image on the monitor?

I want to shoot 2-D stop motion movies with an overhead camera rig. I want to be able to do the following: SEE MY CAMERA ON MY LAPTOP I want to be able to see what my camera sees on my laptop. How ...
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How can I display a ghost image of the last photo in Live View on a Canon camera?

I am looking for a way to make stop video - but this is really a photography question. I am looking for a way to: Shoot 1st photograph When I prepare second, see the 1st with alpha/transparency to ...
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What features does a camera need to be used for good quality stop-motion animation?

I'm looking to buy a camera for my son to use for stop-motion animation. He has been using an old web cam, but he wants to step up in quality now. What features, eg. live view, resolution, etc, should ...
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What do you call that stop-frame ghost technology?

When doing stop-frame animation with a video camera, some software has the ability to overlay the photo you're about to take with a semi-transparent ghost of the previous photo, allowing you to line ...
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