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Questions tagged [off-camera-flash]

Using flash(es) while not mounted on camera hot-shoe.

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What kind of flash should I use for general macro photography?

I want to get started into general macro photography. I have been really stuck on which kind of flash to get because they all seem to come with their own share of pros and cons, and everyone ...
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TTL is inconsistent when shooting OCF with YN622 trigger system

During my wedding receptions I like to set up 1-3 flashes in manual power mode around the room. I'd also like to have a flash in TTL mode "on camera" set to -2 or -3 exposure compensation for some ...
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Why won't my off-camera YN568EX II stay in manual mode?

I am using my Yongnuo YN568EX II on a YN622C wireless trigger. When I put it in manual mode it will only stay in that mode for a few seconds and reverts back to E-TTL. How can I get it to stay in ...
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Triggering issue with Yongnuo 600ex-rt speedlight

I have had a Yongnuo 600EX-RT speedlight (knock-off of Canon 600EX-RT) for some time, and recently purchased a Yongnuo YN-E3-RT wireless trigger (knock-off of Canon SN-E3-RT) to give me off-camera ...
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Why do I have to power cycle my wireless flash controller when using a YN560 IV?

I have Nikon D750 and just recently bought 3 yn560iv and yn controller tx. I was able to set them up and they all fire, but the flashes only fires once. In order for them to fire again I have to ...
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Does the Godox AD400 work with the Olympus FR-WR commander/receiver combination

I have the Olympus FR-WR commander and receiver and use them with my Olympus flashes without problem. I now want to purchase the Godox AD400 studio flash and am wondering if I need to also purchase ...
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