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Image perturbation caused by electronic transformation and processing.

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Easy prevention of unintended lines after crop in Photoshop cs6?

After cropping and saving for web as jpeg (maximum, optimized, convert to sRGB selected) there are unintended 1px gray lines around the border of my images that have a white background. I've read that ...
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Why does Google Pixel 6's camera add some artefact when using `.7x`?

Example of artefact using the native camera application with .7x: Camera with 1x shows no such artefact: ...
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How to remove this noise (color patches)?

I'm having images with a visible color noise taking form of color blocks: One can reveal the patches with modular multiplication (x -> x*d%255, ...
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What is the cause of these colored dots?

I recently bought a used Canon 6D with the 24-105 f/4 L USM kit lens. After shooting some outdoor pictures at night, I noticed some colored pixels or dots in the images, especially at longer exposures ...
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Is it normal for the Canon 6D to exhibit more color noise compared to a 50D?

My first day with 6D, upgraded from a 50D. Wouldn't be pixel-peeping but something unusual caught my eye when I opened photos in Lightroom this morning. The color noise pattern is completely different ...
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