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Why does turning on flash cause a change in exposure

I bought my first flash unit (Godox) and I am trying to understand how it works. Here’s what I don’t understand: when I look at the live view on my Nikon Z camera I have see an underexposed scene. The ...
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Are AF improvements firmware specific or model specific? [duplicate]

I was checking reviews of Nikon Z6 II Autofocus capabilities. Few reviewers complained about AF not that great whereas few reviewers say that it is better after firmware update. Are auto-focus ...
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Strange bands of shadow and light [duplicate]

I have a Nikon Z6. It's set to Auto. I have 2 6500K lights on my image, at 45° angles to either side. These two images show shadow at the bottom in one, and at the top in the other, same exposure, ...
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Determine exact in-camera processing done by Nikon Z6 when saving JPEGs

Is it possible? If I look at the complete EXIF data (well, I assume it is complete — on Linux command-line, I run exif DSC_xxxx.JPG), it shows things like: ...
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DSLR-like image review on Nikon Z 6II?

Is there a way to make image review only show on the monitor when shooting using the viewfinder on a Nikon Z6 II? I want to shoot as if it's a DSLR, that is: take a picture using the viewfinder, then ...
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Sigma 60-600mm is never sharp whatever the aperture

Today I tested my sigma 60-600mm lens and I was really disappointed by the quality of the images produced. I use a Nikon Z6ii and the FTZ (v1) adapter and everything is fine with my other F-mount ...
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How do I turn off 'P' mode in U1/U2/U3 settings in my Nikon Z6?

I am struggling to turn off the 'P' mode in my U1/U2/U3 settings in my Nikon Z6. I can't override the automatic adjustments that the camera is making. How do I turn it off?
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What's the best Nikon lens for jewelry photography?

I am beginner, I am planning to do some silver and gemstone jewelry shoot for my wife. I have a Nikon Z6. What’s the best lens I can use for this purpose. I have a kit lens 24-200/4-6.3. I have plans ...
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Using Nikon Z6 to shoot star trails

After the 3.1 update the interval shooting will not work in manual mode. It says auto or programmed auto only. I want to shoot star trails and need manual mode. Any suggestions?
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What power supply do I need to run the Nikon Z6 II continuously on USB?

I have a Z6 II that is supposed to be able to run off USB power that I got for making videos. I've tried using it with a 120v AC to USB adapter plug (the kind you plug a phone USB cable into a wall ...
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Eye-AF from Nikon Z6 is inconsistent or fidgety

I have a Nikon Z6 – latest firmware (ver. 3.12, from October 2020). As far as I can remember since Eye-AF was first introduced in May 2019, I've been having a hard time have the eye-AF locked on the ...
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Does the Interval Timer on the Z6 (or Z7) automatically disable after each sequence/series of shots?

I have the Canon RP and am disappointed to find that the Interval Timer disables itself after each sequence and must be re-enabled for every new sequence. So, every press of the shutter requires ...
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