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What causes stars to appear like this?

What causes stars to appear as strange blobs sometimes as in this image? Source: Nikon P900 Stars- Real Stars and Planets vs NASA images. Stars are not what they tell us!
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My aperture won’t go any narrower than f/8.0

I am using a Nikon Coolpix p900 with optical zoom lens of 24–2000. I am going to shoot fireworks so I was trying to set up before hand. My settings are on manual, ISO 200 and 1/30, but my aperture ...
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2 answers

Nikon p900 Bracketing and Timer

I have a Nikon p900. I want to use bracketed exposures along with either a timer or remote shutter. Activating anything off the timer menu, either a 2 second timer or selecting the shutter remote ...
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Why can't my Nikon P900 zoom like the demo videos I've seen?

I have a Nikon P900 and I am somehow disappointed by the zoom level. It is obviously better than my other camera (Panasonic FZ-50, comparison done by making photos of the moon), but still... (please ...
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How to change ISO in Nikon P900 for time lapse star trails?

When I set up my P900 for time lapse star trails it shows the ISO as 100 in the bottom left of the monitor screen and no matter what I have tried, I cannot change the ISO to say, 1600 or 3200 for a ...
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How can I shoot time lapses with Nikon P900 beside the built-in 10 seconds programs?

I'm sweating blood to find any product or how-to to make time lapses with my Nikon P900. It seems to me, that my only option is to use the built-in time lapse modes, which sucks. I mean, it shoots in ...
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