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A mid-range consumer DSLR from Nikon released in 2005.

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Stars at night without long shutter speed lines

I've seen breathtaking milky way photos that have no trail/streaks which of course I always get when shooting my DSLR at 30 seconds or longer - I can't find a clear answer that doesn't include using ...
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Older Nikon body won't work with AF-P lens

I just bought my first camera, a Nikon D50, and the auto mode won't work with my lens. I have a brand new lens, a AF-P NIKKOR 18-55MM DX VR. The only mode that works is M. Any help would be awsome.
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My Nikon D50 refuses to take pictures after I disabled auto focus

I just got a second hand Nikon D50. This is first reflex camera I ever had. I am trying to take macro of an electrical component in relatively dark room. These are the settings on my top display: I ...
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Dropped Nikon D50: auto focus not working

I dropped my Nikon D50, thigh high on concrete. It doesn't auto focus anymore. It sounds like it's trying but motor stops almost immediately. I have since used the lens on another D50 and it works ...
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35mm prime lens on a Nikon D50

I'm looking at getting a prime lens for my Nikon D50, I'm looking at the 50mm ƒ1.8 and the 35mm ƒ1.8 DX. What I understand is that the 50mm will actually give me an equivalent focal length of 75mm, ...
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Flash on Nikon d50 broken, need to set up correctly

Nikon D50 comes with built in flash now it's not been firing for a while and its impairing the camera's usability. I've now changed to a speed-light but seems that the two different flashes have a ...
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Nikon D50 and Nikkor AI manual focus lens

I have a D50 and I would like to use my manual focus lens (a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AI) from my analog SLR. It fits on the mount and all seems to be good, but the status on the LED display blinks F - - ...
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