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Why is my lightroom volume split into two entries?

I'm using Lightroom Classic 8.4.1, but this problem also appears in version 7. I'm on a Mac running the most-recent version of Mojave due to stability concerns with Catalina. My photo collection ...
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Is there a way to export the develop setting of multiple photos and use them on another computer which has the same photos?

I have a number of photos that need to be edited in Lightroom. I have 2 copies of each image (perfect copies, same filename) on 2 separate computers. I need to edit the photos on computer A in LR, and ...
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1 answer

How can I speed up Lightroom when working with files on a NAS?

Are there any settings in Lightroom that help make the experience working with files stored on a NAS (and accessed over WiFi) any better? I know that the bottleneck is the speed of WiFi between the ...
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3 answers

Photo Management for multiple Apple Computers

I am looking for a photo management solution that I can use on both my Mac Mini and Mac Book Air. As with everybody I have a stack of photos, certainly more than is feasible to store on my MBAs 128GB ...
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What workflow will speed up sorting photos stored on a NAS in OS X finder before import into Lightroom?

I have a DSLR camera; D7100 to be exact. I originally purchased it, because I was fed up with all the point and shoot cameras out there and wanted control over my photos. At this point, I'm wanting ...
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2 answers

Gigabit ethernet on Canon EOS 1DX

I am in the market for a new camera and was strongly considering the Canon EOS 1DX. In my investigations I have discovered two things regarding the ethernet connection. It is nowhere near the 1 ...
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5 answers

Sharing Lightroom Catalog

My setup is this: I have an iMac that is my main computer, running Lightroom 5. I have subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud so that allows me to install Lightroom on another computer. I would like to ...
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3 answers

How to get fast access to RAW data from 3 different Macs? [closed]

I run a photography studio with 3 Mac Computers and 3 users all having to access RAW photos at the same time. Currently, all RAWs are on one Mac Pro and shared over a gigabit network. The problem is ...
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Troubleshooting lightroom and corrupted dngs

I'm using Lightroom 5 on Windows 8.1. I have a ton of photos from a wedding gig a week ago. I've already gone through about 1/3 of them, rated them and done some basic adjustments to some. Yesterday ...
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Local lightroom catalog, photos on network share, but synchronize says 0 photos?

I am trying to set up the ability of my Windows machine to run Lightroom and access the photos that I have stored on my iMac. I have the main lightroom catalog on the iMac, not shared, and I'm saving ...