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Is this the right way to shoot in the style of a Hollywood silent movie?

I need to shoot a silent movie on a digital camera. I have a Canon EOS 77D, which has an APS-C sensor (22.3 × 14.9mm). David Mullen, a cinematographer, said here that early Hollywood silent movies ...
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1 answer

Why would using eight cameras filming in parallel be an advantage in "budget" 8mm film production in the 1960's in Japan?

My Movies SE question What devices are this Japanese director(?) and his coworker looking through? If they are small format cameras, then why four right next to each other? includes several references;...
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How should I affix 35mm film inside a picture frame?

I recently bought a few strips of tidbits from a movie, on 35mm film. (17 strips of 6 frames each, about 11x3.5cm a strip) I know this isn't "photography" per se, but I think it still counts ...
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Canon EOS 1100D Movie recording and manual modes are not working but auto modes are working fine

I have a Canon EOS 1100D with Class 10 32GB memory card. Everything was working fine, like auto modes and manual modes. After few weeks I switched on my camera to shoot a movie but camera is not ...
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Where to get old K-14 movie film, that was exposed in the 1970's, developed in color?

I have 2 rolls of K-14 movie film that have sat undeveloped since the mid 70's. Who can develop this now in color? These undeveloped home movies have apparently sat in the can unprocessed since about ...
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Microphone not working with Nikon D7200 [closed]

I have a Nikon D7200. I have a microphone that works with my Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone. I tried to use this microphone with the camera, but all I am getting is a buzzing sound. No voice. I know that ...
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Why are my low light photos noisy /blurry, but Alien is perfect?

I know that there are a few questions here already about low light photography and image noise. I want to know why Ridley Scott can shoot very low light scenes (including publicity stills), yet I can'...
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In video mode, why does adjusting the aperture change the brightness instead of the DoF? [closed]

Currently I'm playing with the LiveView and movie making mode of my D3200 and I'm stuck with a few technical issues. I can change the shutter speed and the aperture during filming and it has an ...
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Why does a speedlite not fire when taking a still during movie mode?

My setup is limited to a Canon 6D and a Yongnuo flash, but I have a feeling this may be more fundamental than just the specific combination of body and flash. When you set the camera to movie mode, ...
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How can Walter Mitty examine the negatives of photos in the bright sunny day?

This may be a naive question, as I am not familiar with photography using negatives storing the photo images. So in the film of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", Walter Mitty examines the negatives ...
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2 answers

If you are shooting a movie/photo (non-profit or profit) with a willing person, should you get a contract signed from him/her?

I was wondering should you get a contract signed from the person who is interested in participating in the shooting as a subject.
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2 votes
1 answer

Can I adjust the aperture of a Canon T2i while shooting a movie?

Can I adjust the aperture of a Canon T2i while shooting a movie? I really want a greater depth of field when I'm shooting a movie.
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