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Where was this photo taken? [closed]

Got this when logging in to my PC this evening, appears to be one heck of a ski resort, just not sure where (I'm guessing France?)
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Milky way Photograph with Point and shoot?

Well the title keeps hardly anything for you to imagine. I'll be going to the Mountains in a few months and love to click when I feel like. So, was wondering, is it possible to capture the Night sky (...
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Camera set up for mountain bike photography

I am a average all-around travel photographer, but I will be getting some work focussing on Mountain biking. I am actually on the verge of buying a new camera set up entirely, so what would be a good ...
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What lens should I bring for photographing the Himalayas?

I'm heading off to walk from Lukla to Base Camp in the Himalayas, and looking forward to doing some great photogrpahy along the way. Gear and weight is restricted. I have a Canon EOS 60D. If I ...
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Will my Ricoh GR1 be safe in tough weather for mountaineering photography?

I am planning an expedition up a 4000 meter volcano and I want to take some nice shots of the adventure. At the moment I have two cameras. My Nikkormat FT, which is way too heavy and bulky, so I am ...
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What filters should I get for mountain landscape photography?

I'm visiting the mountains of La Plagne in France. I'm hoping to get some nice photographs of the snow covered mountains while I'm there. I'm thinking of getting some filters for to use with my Cokin ...
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How can I show a slope? Even mountain roads appear flat in my photos

During a bicycle trip, I wanted to take a pic to show how sharp the slope was (about 20%). The same applies downhill. See below, the viewer can't really tell whether it is downhill or flat or uphill: ...
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How can I take pictures of far-away mountains to the South?

I'm trying to take some pictures of a pair of mountains to my south. The distance is about 20 miles away. I'm running into the following problems, and I'm wondering what you guys might suggest to get ...
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