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Motivating yourself to be back in photography [duplicate]

I am a hobbyist photographer, i had a d90, but it got stolen and later found out my relatives stole it and ever since my motivation broke down. Then i got myself a new upgraded model just thinking it ...
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7 answers

How to determine when I've lost interest in photography?

I'm an amateur in photography (as hobby), but I have a lot of stuff: $1000 DSLR Camera, 4 lens, cool external flash, two tripods and umbrella. My friends and people who subscribed to my blog says I'm ...
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Help motivate me to use my SLR's manual mode

(Was: Help motivate me to go beyond being a point-and-shooter) I'm aware of the existing 'getting started with photography' questions, but what I'm asking here is slightly different: I've had SLR ...
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