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Questions tagged [motion-blur]

apparent streaking caused by movements of a subject or panning camera with it during exposure

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What is the "Rule of 600" in astrophotography?

This question mentions the "Rule of 600" for avoiding star-trails in astrophotography. What is this rule? How was it derived? How should it be applied?
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What is the best technique for long-exposure photography in good light?

Can anyone offer any tips on achieving long exposures (with the intention of blurring water, clouds etc)?
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Focus problem vs. motion blur vs. camera shake - how to tell the difference?

I'm not sure if the title of the question captures what I mean, but it's hard to be succint in the space allowed. Suppose you have a picture that is not as sharp as you think it should/could be. (...
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What is the shutter speed needed to stop motion?

I find that taking pictures where the subject is in motion (people, pets, toy helicopters) I get a blur where there is movement. On the other hand I see images of a drop of water in free fall in ...
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Why doesn't a shutter speed of ¹⁄₂₅₀th freeze motion when a flash of that duration does?

This question connects with my previous question: Why do cameras that film with high FPS rates cost a lot? I just read that a normal flash illuminates a scene within a 1/250th of a second. (A flash ...
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Can anyone recommend *freeware* to reduce motion blur by deconvolution?

Can anyone please recommend free (preferably also portable i.e. no need to install) software for Windows XP or later to improve image quality of large (12 megapixel) terrestrial (not astronomical) ...
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Why does the flash freeze a picture?

Why does a flash freeze a picture even if I use a shutter speed like 1/10 sec? I don't understand it, because the light will hit the sensor the whole time, not just when the flash is fired.
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How can I make good fountain/waterfall photos?

I have a Canon Digital EOS Rebel XT camera, and I wonder how you could take photos of moving water like rivers, waterfalls and fountains...
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How does one track a shot where a car moves towards the camera but the background is blurred?

Some shots I see online I don't understand how the tracking is done. The car is coming at the camera while the motion blur is also towards the camera, so if you move your camera in the direction of ...
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How is the circular motion blur created in this Instagram image?

How is the circular motion blur created in this picture? Is it a result of rear-curtain sync? If so how does one accomplish this? Original image
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How "slow" can I take a picture at a boxing match?

I'm to take pictures at a boxing match, probably under low lights conditions. My plan is to set the camera on a fixed shutter speed, and the let the camera automatically set aperture and ISO. But ...
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How can I capture blurry movement and freeze a subject in the same photograph?

I can see the blurry movement, certainly achieved by setting the shutter speed low. But wouldn't this cause the guy to be blurry too? Is it possible to take this picture only using the camera? Or ...
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How to motion-blur the background while keeping the subject well exposed and in focus?

How to motion-blur the background while keeping the subject well exposed and in focus? Mikael Jansson / Vogue Paris, May 2011
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How to capture a swinging pendulum?

A pendulum when reaching the extremes stands still for a moment, allowing us to see the details of the bob, and gradually increase its velocity towards the equilibrium point. Therefore, its trace of ...
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How to create motion blur in daylight?

How can we create motion blur in daylight with a DSLR?
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What features should I look for in a DSLR to shoot live bands?

I'm trying to work out which DSLR to buy. One of my main use cases is photographing live bands in dimly lit bars. This often involves fast movement (particularly drummers) as well as low light. Which ...
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Can you recommend any resources about dance photography?

My main focus area in photography is dance; and at that mostly social dancing. This usually means: spontaneous action, no way to stage anything or prepare beyond being "in the moment and very ...
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How can I get a clear subject with motion-blurred (traffic trails) background?

I wanted to take a photo of my brother with traffic trails behind him. Now even when I was using a tripod, and A/F was correct, I still couldn't get the subject to be sharp, despite using a self timer ...
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Why isn't my Nikon D3400 freezing motion even with the shutter set to ¹⁄₄₀₀₀th of a second in View Finder Mode?

I got a Nikon 3400 in May. While shooting some water droplets I noticed the droplets contain motion blur even at the highest shutter speed settings. So I tried to verify this by clicking a pic of the ...
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How can I reduce "ghost images" of water droplets?

I am interested in taking the photo of spray of droplets. I also want to measure their size. I have captured a streak-type image of each and every water droplet coming from the nozzle. If you observe ...
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Where can I practice panning shots?

Context I live in the suburbs and don't have a great place to catch vehicles going fast (20-30mph fast for a short distance but until they stop), due to the amount of nearby stop signs. There is no ...
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How can I reduce blur with a point and shoot camera, without flash?

I'm a beginner photographer and I was wondering how to freeze moments of time without having to resort to using flash or tripods. I use a Sony HX200V and it basically only renders jpeg images. I have ...
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How can I create long exposure images with my Ipad or my Android Smartphone?

What is the name of the technique that gives the sensation of rapidly moving objects in a still image? How to reproduce that? Is it possible to reproduce it with a smart-phone camera and an free App? ...
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Why does flash decrease motion blur? [duplicate]

While experimenting with my 600d, I have noticed that on the same shutter speed, without inbuilt flash I get motion blur in my pictures, but with flash there is little to not motion blur (on the same ...
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Is it possible to fix severe blur from camera shake after the fact?

So I have this one photo of my midterm material, but stupid me didn't check it first when I took it and the photo turned out to be very blurred and it's impossible to read the text. Is it possible to ...
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Creating a synthetic image from an original image with a given shutter speed

I have an original jpeg image captured by a camera. I want to change the photo to another image so that the new image resembles the one which would have been taken with a camera with a different ...
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What is the photography term for blurred / dragged lights?

What is the photography term for blurred / dragged lights? Hare are two quick examples from my phone: Would this be considered bokeh, or does a term even exist for this?
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