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Motion detection camera [closed]

I am looking for a camera that offers two features (or I guess 3). The first feature is that it needs to be able to either have a motion detector, or be compatible with one so that it captures a ...
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How can I focus on someone who is in motion and still get them in focus with a wide aperture?

I'm trying to figure out the best technique to use for photographing people in motion. I would love to do weddings one day - but for now I’m concentrating on just getting my focus down (with a very ...
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How to capture a swinging pendulum?

A pendulum when reaching the extremes stands still for a moment, allowing us to see the details of the bob, and gradually increase its velocity towards the equilibrium point. Therefore, its trace of ...
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Motion-Still photographs

So I've seen these high quality photographs on Instagram which look like they are Combination of motion & still photographs. I mean some parts of the image is still just like a normal snapshot ...
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Laser showing up in image for motion-activated shots

Below is a photo triggered by a Miops shutter control using laser activation: The camera is set to take a burst every time it is activated. The problem is that the laser is showing up in the image (...
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What is the name of the editing technique by which foreground objects are made to appear to be in motion?

One well known example of this technique is the GTA load screen. Also, I would appreciate it if you could direct me to a good tutorial video as well as ...
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What do panning, tilt, etc., mean in the context of camera movement?

Panning is along the yaw/vertical axis, right? Tilting is along the pitch/lateral axis, right? Dutch/rolling is along roll/longitudinal axis, right? But, in the context of movement, Panning is lateral ...
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What technique can I use to focus on walking subject when in motion?

I have seen some photographers take photos while they are walking in a hallway or on street, etc.. where the setup is the person is walking towards the photographer, the photographer is backing ...
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How does one track a shot where a car moves towards the camera but the background is blurred?

Some shots I see online I don't understand how the tracking is done. The car is coming at the camera while the motion blur is also towards the camera, so if you move your camera in the direction of ...
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DIY motion trigger for use in High Speed Photography?

I am looking to get started in high speed photography and have been looking around at the different motion/sound detectors that are available on the market. I have come to the conclusion that I do not ...
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Why is this aerial picture of an airplane in flight not blurry?

So this might be more a physics question but I was wondering why the plane isn't blurry in this satellite photo? I am assuming the its traveling quite fast!,-0....
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How do moving objects disappear when exposed for longer duration?

I was going through a tutorial that explained the use of an NDX filter. Pictures taken of a busy street at slow shutter speeds with the filter on had only empty streets without any vehicles. How does ...
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What is the best strobe kit/brand for high speed photography?

I will be planning on doing some more indoor studio shots of motion/fast speed photography and curious on what would be your choice for this kind of project? I am familiar with Bowens, Elinchrom, ...
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How the splash is created in Cookie splash photography?

Cookie Splash photography, being a motion photography involving liquid splashing off the glass, seems a little tricky. Consider the photograph below: Source:
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What can I do to freeze motion in imperfect conditions?

I want to shoot a photo that freezes the motion in action. I have the aperture wide open, shutter speed is as long as I can have it and still freeze the motion, the light I cannot control (e.g., ...
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How can I take nice pictures of bikes, as well as perhaps some of cyclists in motion?

I currently own a Nikon D40x and would like to start taking some nice stills of bikes, as well as people riding their bikes. I have the kit lens that came with the camera (18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G). The ...
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How does Gigapan Handle Movement?

Exploring the Gigapan website, I found amazing panoramas assembled from hundreds or thousands of images that include large crowds. How does the Gigapan automated panorama device handle movements in ...
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